The Top 10 Travel Items Every It Girl Should Own

No matter what kind of trip you are going, and whether it is you’re going for a weekend, a week, a month or a year… there are some items a girl is just allowed to bring with her, wherever it is you’re going and whenever you are going!

We decided to name 10 items an IT girl shouldn’t forget to bring with her when going away, so after reading this article you won’t get the chance to ever, ever forget any of these items anymore!

Multi-Purpose shoes

You know, sometimes bringing five pairs of shoes with you “just in case” on one short trip, is a bit too much when you can limit yourself to two. Bring one pair of waterproof, durable sneakers and another pair of shoes comfortable enough to use on long walks! These can also work when going out to catch a theater performance. One of our picks is the Cole Haan’s Pinch Weekenders. These are available in both men’s and women’s varieties. The patent leather version works for any occasion and will help you trudge over cobblestones in Cuba or hit the dance floor in Marrakech.

Various Wipes

Being on your own, you want to avoid getting sick at all costs, so it’s ok going crazy with wipes to ensure minimal contact with germs. Before every trip, we advise you to head to Target’s travel section and stock up on every form of wipes: Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes for your hands, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go for your plane and train seats and the hotel room, and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to, well, to keep you feeling fresh and clean in all those public restrooms.

Foldable Down Jacket

Another dual-purpose essential? A packable warm jacket like Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket ($59.90 to $69.90) which is so compact it can lay flat like an almost paper-thin layer in your suitcase. Or roll it into its pouch and it suddenly doubles as a travel pillow. There’s a men’s version, as well. 


Whether to keep warm, dress up an outfit, cover your head, or use as an extra blanket, a large scarf can serve any number of purposes. They can be used them to pad a fragile souvenir, and you can even metamorphose one into a draped outfit. The large size of Uniqlo’s stoles ($19.90), which are a 55.1-inch square, make them especially versatile.

Hard-shell Rolling Carry-on Suitcase

Even though soft suitcases are perfect to squeeze in extra items, they have the risk of getting soaked up with rain or be easily broken on the airport. Hard-sell suitcases are much for better for solo traveler and super practical! The Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 20-inch Hardside Spinner Carry-On Luggage is our fave! Its expandable zipper allows for extra space, and even when you feel like you’ve overstuffed, you can rezip the extra zipper completely, magically creating bonus room.

Money Belt

We know is not the most attractive idea to wear a money belt but, it’s very handy if you’re solo traveling! The Lewis N. Clark Hidden Waist Stash Wallet ($13.99) is so light-weight that you can easily forget it’s even on. With multiple pockets, you can organize passport and other currencies without having to give them a second thought. The protection layer against cyber fraud offers bonus security.

Foldable Reusable Bag

Lovebag’s Stash It series (from $22) is so light and tiny that you won’t believe how much it can hold. But the best part is that the strap is long enough that you can wear it as a cross-body bag. Bonus: The pouch is so stretchy and durable that you can use it to hide extra money, so your cash isn’t all in one spot.

Customized First Aid Kit

Only you know what you might need the most, so run through your itinerary and the worst-case scenarios. Get Dramamine, Imodium, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Neosporin, large patch bandages, eye allergy drops, and contacts rewetting drops in it!

Power Bank

This is going to save you while traveling. Whether it’s during a flight with no plugs or during a long day away from your wall chargers, a power bank is ALWAYS a good idea. The great thing about this is not only does it charge your iPhone and iPad… but you can also change your GoPro camera (if you have one). The power bank linked below is 20000mAh meaning it should have about 7 full charges in it for your iPhone. Make sure this thing is fully charged before you head out and you won’t have to worry about a low battery!

Face Masks and Ear Plugs

Do not underestimate how much these come in handy. Not only for your flight but also if you’re staying in a hotel and want to get a nice sleep. These are also very handy if you’re taking long trips on a train! Definitely, a must-have item on your bags!

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