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Camilla Franks | Jozu Magazine

Camilla Franks is an Australian leading personality celebrated globally for her artistic, innovative and intricate designs. The magnetic appeal of the brand is not merely in the visual and physical quality of apparel but the intricate stories there are each weaved with. Each piece is curated with a destination in mind, from Camilla’s own travels off the beaten track.

Staying true to her vision and never straying for the sake of trends and fads is what sets her apart. Camilla gets her creative reference by immersing herself into different worlds; exploring and experiencing the music, food, colors and daily life – then uses this as ‘print-spiration’ behind each collection.

Today Camilla is a 75 million dollar business, with 19 retail boutiques in Australia, a multi-million dollar online store and over 550 luxury wholesale accounts across the globe. The Queen of Kaftan speaks exclusively to Jozu Magazine on her personal inspirations, digs deep on all things travel and gives us a sneak peek at what 2018 has in store for her.

Read the full interview in the 3rd issue of Jozu Magazine.



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