Essential Hacks for Solo Travelers

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Part of visiting a foreign country is experiencing the local culture and as a solo explorer, way-finding can be daunting on the best of days. Thanks to a myriad of mobile applications for translations and good ole Google Translate, it’s easy to find a translator in your handbag. However, these are dependant on having access to decent wifi and a device that has power.

After visiting forty-eight countries, Stephenie Rodriguez has compiled her top list of twenty key travel phrases that every traveler should learn before they go.

Should your mobile phone take a leap off a speedboat, or get stolen, you are far more likely to make your way safely with less hassle with these phrases committed to memory. Before articulating the list, she prefaces that humans are humans no matter what they speak. A smile and sincere greeting is the first thing that you should do before every asking anyone for anything. It sets the scene for cooperation and engaging with someone.

Once you have mastered the art of the sincere and genuine smile, you’ll find in our 3rd issue of Jozu Magazine key phrases you should add to your vocabulary.


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