3 Tips To Avoid Getting Sun Kissed The Wrong Way

Contributed by Samantha Regimbal originally for Jozu Magazine

Sometimes it’s hard to pace yourself with the sun when you are finally on #vacay especially for you beach bums out there who just need to be lounging out in that heat all day. Here are some tips inspired by my love for traveling with JOZU to help you avoid getting sun kissed the wrong way.


Be sure to plant yourself under a big beach umbrella or a cute tropical tree. Believe it or not, the rays will still find their way to you! The shady truth about shade is even if you spend long hours out of direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays can still reach your skin through the reflection of the atmosphere. They also reach you as they bounce back from surfaces such as the sand or concrete. Although you still are exposed to the rays, indirect exposure while in the shade is still far better than to be directly absorbing it all.


At least with a minimum of SPF 20. Just remember that you’ve got to be strict about reapplying every two hours without exception. You probably know how quickly you burn on a sunny day. Do you know what the SPF digits mean? The sun protection factor, or SPF, of your lotion, will protect you from your typical burn time multiplied by the number on the bottle.

This means that a fair-skinned person who normally burns in 10 minutes would be protected for about 150 minutes with a sunscreen with SPF 15. Therefore, the higher the SPF, the better for your skin. Although we love the hue of a bronzy tan, the change in color indicates a permanent change to the genetic structures that dictate the future of our skin’s health.  Skin continues to be damaged becomes less and less likely to maintain health over a lifetime. So lather up and protect yourself!


Water makes up about 2/3 of our body. When you’re out sweating in the hot sun, our bodies lose water faster than it normally would. H2O is crucial for temperature regulation so be sure to enjoy the weather by staying hydrated – thirsty or not. While it is usually recommended that you consume 2 liters of water a day, increase your intake by double when exposed to hotter climates to prevent dehydration. If not for anything else, keep in mind that hydration encourages skin circulation, allowing constant skin repair.

I also always like to have a chilled coconut in hand to quickly replenish essential electrolytes – and, it makes for a great vacation picture!

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