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If you are a solo traveller and planning a jaunt to Indonesia in 2018 you are in luck. The series of islands still remains one of the most idyllic tropical paradises in the region, and with some planning, you can enjoy a gorgeous vacation. Our mission is to help you travel better & safer and we’ve got these three things you should consider doing before you board your flight to Bali, Bintan, Banda Aceh or Jakarta.

Get vaccinated for Diptheria

According to the Jakarta Times newspaper, there is an outbreak of adult cases of Diptheria that is ravaging Indonesia. An article today cited Indonesia’s Ministry of Health report that the number of cases has risen from 591 to more than 910 as of December 24th. The Indonesian government has already begun an outbreak response immunization program in Jakarta, Banten and the West Java regions on December 12th after the disease killed dozens of its citizens.

Purchase Travel Insurance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and its really critical for solo female travellers to have travel insurance policy in situ because if you have an unfortunate event, you will want to seek professional medical attention and not avoid doing so because of the cost associated with quality medical care or be at the mercy of others. We’ve seen lots of sick solo female travellers on communities like Facebooks Girls Love Travel asking for medical opinions and advice from the communities because they are unable/afraid to seek medical attention. A quick internet search will show you some options, but there are travel insurance companies that care and offer products just for female travellers. We at JOZU especially like TravelbyJane, an insurance platform powered by Insured By Us, that considers the pay gap between men and women and discounts travel insurance for female travellers. If you frequently travel and don’t plan to engage in high-risk sports like heli-skiing or skydiving, and wear a helmet on motorized vehicles, you can score a great price on an annual travel insurance policy. Indonesia does have decent primary care facilities but if you need to be airlifted for special critical care, you’ll be grateful for the coverage.

Cover it Up! 

the red ankle mosquitno bracelet is an excellent way to prevent mosquito born viruses and is featured on JOZUforWomen.com

Mosquitno fashionable insect repellant accessories.

We mean your skin! Indonesia is one of the areas that is prone to Malaria and insect-borne diseases and infections. Whilst you can ask your GP for anti-malaria medication which is taken every day whilst you are in a prone area, taking a precaution and packing a tropical strength insect repellant spray or roll-on will usually give you a level of comfort. (expert travel tip — apply right after showering and before dressing – that way it is on all that could be exposed and remember to reapply after being in the water or sweating.) If you are not into putting harsh chemicals on your skin, we suggest wearing citronella bracelets like the fun and fashionable rubber accessories by Mosquitnoit is a natural way to combat potential mosquito bites. The new Mosquitno ankle straps will give you 120 hours of mosquito-free movement and are a colourful way to prevent getting Malaria, Ross River virus or other nasties carried by mosquitos. 


Solo travel is still popular in Indonesia and with a few preventative steps you can be sure of a holiday to remember.

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