Why Bum Bags Are A New Trend For Female Travelers

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Along with the latest of 90s fashion revivalism, a new trend of crossbody bum bag is tipped to be one of this year’s biggest trends. The team at Jozu For Women took the new Midi bag from Acent to the test while on vacation to find out what really makes this accessory such a hot item with fashion-forward female travelers.

Find out more in the 3rd issue of Jozu Magazine.

In the meantime, meet Maria Hald, Maria Stegemeyer and Isabelle Jamous, the three phenomenal young ladies and devoted friends behind Copenhagen’s hottest accessory brand, Acent. Isabelle came to Copenhagen for her studies and noticed the trend of wearing bum bags differently; across the body.

A conversation about a classic and timeless design sparked the journey to fashion between these three co-founders. In an exclusive chat, the ladies share their inspirations and some of the challenges they face in their entrepreneurial journey.


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