What Can You Learn About Yourself by Traveling Solo?

Traveling alone not only helps you to get another perspective of the place you’re visiting, it also tests you at many different levels. Have you asked yourself “what can I learn about me by just packing a suitcase and catching a flight to the first country that pops into my mind?” Well, here are a few really good things:

You are more capable than you think.

Regardless of the goals, distances or the type of trip that you propose. If you plan yourself, you can achieve anything almost immediately. You must do the things you think you cannot do, sometimes our fears are bigger than our capabilities and you will realize that quickly by traveling on your own.

Age doesn’t matter.

It’s indifferent if you are entering your twenties or if you already have more than fifty years old, age is not an impediment to enjoyment. Travel comfortably or riskily according to your personal assets and enjoy everything that this wonderful world can offer to you.

Solo travel doesn’t mean independent travel.

You have to give a good thought about what “solo travel” means. You don’t have to be alone, it only means that you have left behind (for a moment) those who define who you are on a daily basis. Joining forces with other solo travelers makes difficult countries easier, also other travelers are a great source of information.

To be lonely and proud.

You will get lonely traveling by yourself. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. And while some of this may be a drag (like lugging your bags to the bathroom because you have no travel companion to watch it for), You’ll enjoy the time to yourself. Loneliness untangles and focuses your thoughts, although they always start off muddled. You will discover that loneliness teaches you how you like to spend your time and energy. It will make you understand your own rhythm and preferences, including where and how you want live. It takes practice, but you’ll figure it out.

To be patient.

You don’t have to struggle with how to connect with a place and its people, relax, take a seat, watch and learn. Whatever you want to accomplish out of solo travel, it all comes in time and that would be okay.

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