Top Tips for Your Motorcycle Trip

All set with your sleek black leather jacket and helmet for your possibly first motorcycle trip? But is that enough? Probably not.

Being spontaneous and adventurous is as fun as it is dangerous especially for novice motorcyclists. It will not be as easy as it sounds, especially if you are planning to ride in a foreign land.

Gathering knowledge from experienced riders, we have compiled a comprehensive list of precautions and pointers.

Route planning and weather tracking

Countries like Italy, Romania and Australia are known to provide a picturesque landscape to ride on.

Before you head out, make sure you know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Do some research to find the best route, which is a relatively easy task- thanks to Google. When timing the trip, ensure that the duration of each sitting is not beyond your usual driving durations.

In preparation for the trip, take longer practice rides to get acclimatized to the road conditions.  

Another aspect of route planning is to track the weather changes. To battle the erratic weather and terrain, motorcycle safety gears are essential. Check the average temperatures as what may be normal for natives might be extreme for you.

Is your bike prepared?

The minimum that can be done with respect to care for your motorcycle is prompt servicing, stocking up on fuel, and regular checkup of gears and other machinery. This will ensure your motorcycle is ready for the journey.

An additional tip would be to add windshields, as the winds on the highway might not be kind to you on these longer trips. An aftermarket seat with a backrest might be a good option to consider. It will help alleviate lower back pain.

Alternatively, lower back pain exercise is also a valid option. It is important to be as comfortable while sitting on your bike as possible, you will not regret it.

Build your armor

Ensure comfort during the entire trip by purchasing gym apparel, and airy, waterproof equipment.

This will ensure that you do not smoke up in your jacket. Making your equipment waterproof provides you with the benefit of not freezing when it rains. Biking gloves, leather trousers and warm under clothes are essential.

Another recommended addition to your gear is earplugs. For longer trips, it gets very loud, you could use some protection for your ears. There may be specific additions that may change according to the specific country you choose to visit.

Pack light

Riding for such long distances already stresses your body out. A baggage should not act as a burden. Only pack the essentials, neglecting the backup pair of shoes or enormous water bottles. Remember that the road will definitely provide.

Remember to pack your documents that might be required on the highway, such as your driving license and registration papers.

Get enough rest

Long rides can get tiring both physically and mentally. It is important to take breaks at regular intervals not just for gas but also to stretch your legs, have a bite, and relax your back and body.

It is crucial to be awake and alert when on the road to avoid any mishaps for which one needs a well-rested mind and body. You will want to take lesser breaks than you actually need, however, when on the road, you will realize that you need more breaks.

Hence, plan accordingly.

Invest in technology

Long rides can get lonely so it is helpful to get equipped with some technology that can make the road trip less arduous.

A good tool would be to get a Bluetooth helmet that can navigate, play music, and take calls. And, given that the Bluetooth will be connected to your smartphone, in most cases, it would be wise to get touchscreen compatible gloves to operate your phone.

However, do keep in mind the safety factor when using your phone on the road.

Another neat feature your motorcycle could have is cruise control. Although that seems to ruin the fun, after hours of riding, a little help in maintaining constant speeds on the highway is welcome.

Arrival timing

Given that a road is not so clean place, you are bound to attract some of the dust and grease on you. It does not matter how well you cover yourself.

There will always be a dirt in places you would never have thought. Hence, you would want to give yourself ample time to freshen up before anything else.

With the above tips in mind, a safe, free-spirited, and comfortable motorcycle trip is in order. Be responsible for your risk-taking.

With good decision-making skills and quick thinking, you would belong on the road.

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