Sustainable Travel Destinations

If we’re not careful, we can cause a lot of environmental damage through traveling. All the gas burned by planes, cars, boats motorbikes and trains that tourists ride affects the environment of the countries we visit.

Instead of visiting countries where our presence could cause a large negative environmental impact, here are a few travel destinations where we can have a minimal or possibly even a positive impact.

==> Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is one of the world’s greatest hidden gems. Sure, electricity may only be on for a few hours a day and internet access is sporadic. But when it comes to eco-travel, there are few more exciting destinations.

Almost all the tourist attractions in this country involve the outdoors. There’s little to no negative environmental impact from the people coming through and enjoying a thrilling hike through nature.

==> Cooking Tours in Croatia

Croatia’s world-famous cooking tours are another phenomenal way to experience the world sustainably.

Enjoy exotic foods cooked with locally grown ingredients. Learn how to cook the local flavors and bring the knowledge back home with you.

While you’re in Croatia, enjoy the beach, hiking, and sunshine that this wonderful country has to offer.

==> Laos

Laos is a small country tucked between Cambodia and China. Devastated by the Vietnam War, this small country’s economy is still recovering decades later.

Tourist dollars spent here don’t actually damage the environment. Instead, they help rebuild the economy and put food on the table for families.

There are many amazing attractions in Laos, including elephant riding, kayaking and the world famous “tubing” parties.

==> Botswana

Botswana tops many people’s lists when it comes to sustainable travel destinations.

Unlike the high traffic safari volume of Kenya, Botswana’s style is much more low key. Small groups of people venture into the Kalahari Desert or the Chobe Forests to see all kinds of exotic animals.

On top of safaris, you have boating, camping and all kinds of survival activities.

==> Belize

Belize earns its keep as a prime sustainable travel destination. It has one of the longest barrier reefs on the planet, second only to the Great Barrier Reef. The country has almost 90 different groups of ecosystems and all kinds of eco-friendly activities.

A large number of the lofts and guesthouses you’ll find in this country are designed to be environmentally friendly and low impact.

These are just a few of the many environmentally friendly places you can go. The best way to choose a destination is to first pick the general vicinity you want to go to, then research specific countries, destinations, and cities in the areas you want to visit. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and explore some relatively unknown spots.

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