Southwest Airlines Is Having A Big Sale On Flights For The Fall!

If the early summer heat already has you holed up inside, fanning yourself in front of the air conditioner, maybe you’d prefer to take that summer vacation in the fall. Southwest Airlines can help. The airline is running a four-day sale with one-way flights for as little as $45.

The below example shows a trip between Long Beach and Las Vegas where you can grab $45 flights in each direction. The round-trip fare comes to just $89.96. Cities with flights in the sale include Atlanta (as low as $59), Chicago ($59), Denver ($79), Los Angeles ($59), Minneapolis ($94), Nashville ($59), New York ($88), Phoenix ($59), San Francisco ($59), Washington DC ($59), and dozens of other locations.

To take advantage of the sale, book your flight before midnight EST on June 29 for travel between August 13, 2018, and December 19, 2018. International trips are limited to flights taken between September 5, 2018, and December 5, 2018.

Southwest sales are often more alluring than budget airline sales that come up with a more impressive sticker price but nickel-and-dime you for every service along the way. Southwest’s fares include two checked bags and your carry-on, so you’re not paying an extra $100+ in baggage fees.

Dig around the sale and you might find an unexpectedly beautiful journey to take in the fall, like a scenic drive or an incredible national park.

Fall Sale Southwest Airlines Summer Vacations

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