My First Experience At A Clothing Optional Resort

My First Experience At A Clothing Optional Resort

Contributed by Samantha Regimbal

Instagram: @samantharegimbal

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘clothing optional’?

My first thoughts?

What would people think?

Why would I?

But then I learned more about what it actually meant.
Hedonism Resorts, located in Jamaica, is a lifestyle friendly, clothing optional, resort that we were invited to visit with our JOZU For Women posse.
As you can imagine, at first I wasn’t too convinced! In fact, I was confused about the whole thing! My comfort zone kept pulling me back… Whatever, I was with my friends, if I felt awkward, I’d just laugh it off with them, right?!
…WRONG! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the most amazing team – I actually didn’t even notice that some of the guests were actually standing beside me in the buff. That night, as I learned more about how freeing and exciting this experience was, I began changing my tune.
These were my absolute highlights:

1) Wandering off and dancing like a crazy person with my girl Jennifer, as the couple beside us hit on us like there was no tomorrow! Did you know that we were their ultimate fantasy?!

2) Intense conversations with female founders Stephenie Rodriguez of JOZU for Women and Katherine Lugo of Luka Cosmetics, by the pool. We also got to know some of the staff – a little too well!

3) Laughing uncontrollably with Mia, Josh & Jenn at the mirrors on the ceiling… and pink champagne on ice…. Did you know that every single room is equipped with any fantasy you could imagine… they don’t have that in Canada!

4) How open minded, chill, relaxed, fun…. INCREDIBLE everyone was!!

It was unforgettable, so much that I urge you to try it! It will truly change the opinion you have of yourself and others. Goodbye judgements. Who cares what others think of you – or you of them. Who are we to judge anyone?! Who was I to judge?
Now, who’s coming back with me?! #cantwait
Check out their website for more information.


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