Five Amazing Things to Do in The Cayman Islands

If you are a thrill seeker, you’ll love these five ways to live it up in the Cayman Islands

Although not the most commonly visited island in the Caribbean, if you are contemplating a perfect tropical paradise the Cayman Islands are an excellent choice. It might not be trendy, but those who have been considered it one of the best-kept secrets in the region. The Cayman Islands are much smaller in size compared to compared to the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands, however, the islands are rich in pristine beaches, marine wildlife and a tapestry of fascinating expats and locals.

To help you decide what to do in the Cayman Islands, here are a few of the top picks:

Grand Cayman’s Mastic Trail

Nature lovers, rejoice! The Mastic Trail in the Grand Cayman is a paradise for all you nature lovers out there! This trail is a 200-year-old path which allows you to experience the Cayman Islands in a fun, new way. When you’re navigating your way through this trail, you can expect to see a mangrove swamp and an ancient woodland. You also get to see the island’s most scenic and colorful plant life.

If you’re convinced that the Mastic Trail should be included in your list of “to-dos” in the island, make sure that you allow two to three hours to enjoy the location. You can have the option to hike the trail with a guide which costs $30 or do it on your own for free. Just make sure that you have a map!

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

If you’re more of a beach person who would rather relax in the sun, and soak up the ambience of sand, and sea then Seven Mile Beach is for you! This beach has been considered as one of Caribbean’s most breathtaking. At first glance this beach’s crescent-shaped shore or coral sand, you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. Most of the popular and trendy of the island’s resorts are situated in the Seven Mile Beach which means that you can have a lot of options on where to stay. The locale also offers restaurants, playgrounds, showers and modern amenities beachside. The dunes never appear overcrowded, even in peak season and you can take your precious pooch for a swim — the beach is pet-friendly!

Seven Mile Beach is easy to find and access, and located north of Georgetown. The ’50 Shades of Blue’ water makes a great place to experiment with snorkeling if you are a newbie. The crystal clear sea magnifies the vibrant-colored fishes and beautiful coral reefs to a breathtaking spectacle and worth strapping on a mask and diving in.

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Stingray City in Grand Cayman

The Stingray City is located in the North Sound area of Grand Cayman and is lauded as the most popular tourist attraction in the area. Some people would consider the Stingray City as a tourist trap but if you’re up for unconventional adventures, playing with the stingrays in the area would be worth it.

The Stingray City is a sandbar where you can interact, feed and touch different types of Atlantic Southern stingrays who are native to these waters. Other visitors who have experienced Stingray City revealed that although getting close with the stingrays can look dangerous, it’s not – as long as you follow the guidelines of the instructors who will be with you during your visit.

If you aren’t one for the water, you can still enjoy an afternoon at Stingray City. There are several excursions to choose from including a glass bottom boat trip. Scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers can hire gear on the premises, however, don’t expect fins ( the fins can harm the stingrays). Stingray City offers a free shuttle and it is easy to book in advance online.

Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Marine Park

This is the top diving spot in Little Cayman which is a favorite for both beginners and professional scuba divers. The main attraction in the marine park is called the Bloody Bay Wall – a reef and drop-off which starts at 20ft below the overall sea level before dropping straight down extending more than 5,000 feet. You can see the native stingrays and turtles at about 100 feet off the wall and into the dive. It’s sensational.

Note: This excursion is not value friendly, and considered a serious place for serious divers. Your dive master and tour operator will be on the dear side, but worth it with the depth of experience and knowledge that they provide. For what lies beneath — it is worth the splurge.

Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck in Cayman Brac

Sometimes unnatural things can be amazing and this does not disappoint. This dive site exists on a 330-foot-long Russian frigate that was deliberately sunk off the Cayman Barc and referred to as the Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck. Having been submerged and maturing for many years as a reef, the wreck is now coral-crusted and has become a home to thousands of groupers and marine life such as the Green Money Eels and various specified of Scorpionfish. The Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck is still intact and is about 100 feet in depth at the seafloor.

The dive site is best accessed via boat as it is about 200 yards from shore. For beginners, the dive is doable but can become a challenge for professional divers if they choose to penetrate the wreck.

The Cayman Islands is a perfectly safe and sun-drenched destination for anyone needing a tropical getaway and perfect for family fun. This place boasts plenty of luxurious resorts, sandy beaches, and plenty of gourmet restaurants (We’ll save that for another post!). Regardless of whether you’re an adventure seeker who would want to try out blood-pumping activities or someone who simply wants to relax and de-stress, the Cayman Islands is a Caribbean paradise!

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