Are you ready for Tech Beach Retreat in Jamaica? 

We are counting down to the Tech Beach Retreat which will be held in Montego Bay Jamaica from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December and where CEO and founder of Jozu for Women, Stephenie Rodriguez will share her views on The Future of Venture Capital, amongst other amazing speakers – including Jack Dorsey (whom we are fan of #twitteraddict).

Discovering Jamaican Entrepreneurs 

Tech Beach Retreat was co-founded by Kirk- Anthony Hamilton in order to transform the global image of Jamaica. It is a conference “designed as one tool that can drive a greater level of investment in Jamaica by helping to craft a different global image of the island”. The goal, as specified on the TechBeach Retreat website is to build bridges that yield increased investment, partnership and mentorship spurring an entrepreneurship and innovation revolution in the Caribbean, unlocking the full economic potential of the region through identifying industries ripe for profitable disruption to elevate the Caribbean out of emerging market status.  Under the theme ’10X SCALE’, the 2017 forum will focus on the five pillars of business: strategy, capital, access, leadership, and execution.
It’s also the best way to discover Jamaican Entrepreneurs who might become the next generation of tech invaders and worldwide data scientists and engineers.

How To Get VIP Treatment And Save Time In Sangster International Airport

Because we’ve been through the airport several times ourselves, we know it’s not exactly the smoothest and easiest experience. We’d recommend you to get the  that would give you the following benefits:
  1. Don’t stand in the long lines in the hot and humid arrival halls.
  2. Get processed faster through a VIP Immigration counter. After all, your beautiful beach time is precious.
  3. The staff will help you with your trolley for luggage, and guide you through customs, easy – breezy.
  4. Amenities Landside – use the lounge, have a quick shower, grab a cold Red Stripe, wait for your transport. The girls are very helpful.
  5. Have a secure escort to your pickup. There is no uber and it can be dodgy if your hotel isn’t sending a car for you. The lounge staff can ring your driver, confirm they are outside and walk you safely to your pickup without having to stand on the curb and receive propositions from rogue taxiing and strangers.
On Departure, the service offers the only airport lounge and what’s better than sipping a glass of wine while surfing the web before flying and enjoying these amenities: air-conditioned, showers (and you’ll want to have one as departing is sweaty stuff), free wifi, free cocktails and coffee, and free snacks. There is a VIP lane for security screening and immigration and it’s better than sitting at the gate with limited amenities nearby.
Book round trip, as it is most valuable!

Join JOZU For Women as a member if you are attending Tech Beach and say hello on the community. We’d love to host a JOZU For Women member meet-up and see all your gorgeous face. Safe travels!

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