6 Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

When it comes to traveling, it often becomes difficult to think of new and exciting destinations to explore. With so much of the world to see, it makes sense if you’re looking to divert from the norm and discover somewhere that often slips under the radar. Here are six such destinations that you need to add to your bucket list.


Although it goes arguably unnoticed by a majority of tourists, Botswana is one of the most rewarding destinations both in Africa and the entire world. It’s here where you’ll be able to experience some of the world’s best safaris, with sites such as the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park playing host to Buffalo, birds, elephants and countless other beautiful species.

Best of all, Botswana is good for safaris whether you’ve done them before or not. You can opt to stick it out in tented safaris, deep in the heart of it all, or relax in majestic lodges throughout the plains that provide an escape from the bustle of the outside world.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Head to Sumatra to discover some of the best untouched wilderness in the entire world. The Sumatra rainforest has managed to avoid deforestation up until this point – although its future is said to be highly uncertain – and there are hundreds of species to be spotted here.

Not only is Sumatra naturally beautiful, but its untamed essence means it truly is one of the most rewarding places to visit in the world. With so many rare and endangered animals calling the rainforest home, it’s crucial you come and see it before it’s too late.

The Seychelles

The Maldives and Bora Bora are two of the archipelagos on nearly every tourist’s bucket list – romantic and gorgeous in equal measure, they’re the perfect destinations for a couple’s getaway. However, with their popularity growing rapidly, look to the Seychelles.

These islands are just as (if not more) beautiful than their counterparts, with stretches of pure white sand lining the surrounding Indian Ocean and small hideaway huts and lodges waiting for you to come and escape. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon, an anniversary or if you simply want to take your loved one away, Seychelles should be the first destination you choose.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

With Southeast Asia being such a popular destination for tourists from across the world, it seems unfair that Vietnam’s Saigon goes mostly unnoticed. Also known as Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a bustling and energetic part of the country which deserves your attention.

Whilst you’re here, be sure to experience one of Saigon’s many spas as well as hopping on a moped to see the city – they’re incredibly popular here. Elsewhere, visit the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels, used in the Vietnam War for villages to stay safe. It’s an insight into the vast, profound history of both Saigon and the country in its entirety.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s a city that everyone knows about, but not enough people visit. Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most unique cities without a doubt, with a diverse blend of culture to soak in alongside an authentic South American charm.

If you’re the type of traveler that truly likes to make the most of their trip, Buenos Aires is the place for you. As echoed by The Culture Trip, this is one of the craziest places to visit – in the very best way. The locals are energetic, the way of life is considerably peculiar and the city is surprisingly free-thinking, making for some interesting experiences during your stay.

Reykjavik, Iceland

It’s harder to find more natural beauty in a city than you will in Reykjavik. Iceland’s capital may seem idealistic, what with its astounding natural beauty and breathtaking architecture. But see it for yourself and you’ll realize that somewhere this magical actually does exist.

Some highlights of Reykjavik? It’s hard to choose, but upon your first visit be sure to take a trip to the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal spa will allow you to swim outside in a gorgeous setting – despite the bitter temperatures of the city. And you can’t visit Reykjavik without taking in the majesty of the Hallgrimskirkja church. Pictures do not do it justice. It’s inarguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

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