3 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Girl's Getaway

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Girl’s Getaway

1. Make use of everyone’s connections.
If anyone in your group has a Centurion or Platinum American Express card, have them make use of the card’s concierge service to swing upgrades, reservations and book premium tickets for shows or events you and squad may be keen to attend.

2. Set up prompt and easy communications.
Create a WhatsApp group so you can all easily share photos, discuss whereabouts and fill the rest of the chat with inside jokes throughout the trip.

3. Figure out a system of splitting bills before you depart.
I usually use the Venmo app on my mobile device. It is a free digital wallet that helps you make and share payments with friends. This way, everyone can pay each other back really easily without making a waiter charge 12 different cards.

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