10 Travel Hacks Every Solo Traveller Needs to Know

Whether you are a frequent jet-setter or a once a year solo traveller when the spirit of adventure strikes you’ll appreciate these travel hacks we’ve curated just for you.

Check business and economy plus.

If you are a value-centric traveller jaunting on a budget, you probably only search for coach class flights. Usually, that makes sense, however, if you are travelling during a holiday period when there might be fewer business travellers you could potentially snag a bargain due to supply and demand. This results in some great fares for a better in-flight experience and a drop the price of business and economy class seats.

Got a problem? Take it to Twitter.

You may not be a maven on social media, however, Twitter is an excellent platform for real-time responsiveness and the airlines and hotel chains go to great lengths to provide customer support in 140 characters. The days of calling customer service and waiting on hold with the rest of the unwashed masses are gone.

Whether it be for a missed connection or update on delays you can tweet to the airline for help. Most major carriers have customer service reps monitoring Twitter, so it’s a quick and easy way to reach out and get assistance in real time.

Plan for a treat during delays.

Just in case you are delayed, and stuck in an airport, however, it helps if you can plan ahead so you have something to look forward to.

“Save a long-awaited season finale or movie to watch only when your flight or trip is delayed, refocusing your brain on something positive,” advises Shawn Achor, author of the New York Times best seller, The Happiness Advantage.

Invest well in travel gear.

There’s a ton of advice out there about the travel gear you might buy but creature comforts make long trips more bearable.

When you are traveling significant distances (like the thirty plus hours it takes to get from Sydney to San Juan) the $50 neck pillow or $300 noise-canceling headphones will help tune out a screaming infant or get some extra Zs. The Cabeau range of travel accessories are more designed by travelers for travelers and are worth every cent. (And they are a great ethical company we admire!)

Check in ahead of time.

Check in for your flight online or through your airline’s app and get your boarding pass printed out before you arrive to the airport to better stay on track,” which means you can often skip the check-in and go right to security

Know how much your luggage weighs.

Overweight luggage costs, along with just about every other nickel and dime fee, have gone through the roof. So if you haven’t traveled a ton lately, don’t get caught.

Stay hydrated and then some…

More than half of the human body is made of water, and it’s really easy to become dehydrated while traveling. So drink plenty of water, both during your flight and before it. In the days leading up to travel, adding raw turmeric in your diet can help avoid headaches when flying, with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Add an hour to however long you think the drive will take.

No matter how much time you think your driving trip will take, it’s probably going to take more than last time–both due to holiday traffic and the fact that roads are simply more congested than they were even a year ago.

Fly almost-private.

Much like flying business class, the idea of a private jet might seem way out of reach for many infrequent or family travelers. But there are some newer, industry disruptive options you might want to check out.  For West Coast travelers, JetSuiteX is usually price-competitive with discount carriers like Southwest. It’s a semi-private flight.

Minimize TSA time.

The folks at the Transportation Security Administration have a tough job, but that doesn’t make it more pleasant for those of us waiting in line. Pack prepared with easy to remove shoes, accessories and your laptop at the ready to reduce the time you have to spend at security.

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