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Contributed by Stephenie Rodriguez

The Bluesmart: Innovation On-Board

As a seasoned traveler with 48 countries stamped in my passport, I’ve seen it all. For the best part of twenty years, roll-aboard luggage had very few innovations. Wheels, hidden handles and built-in locks were about as good as it got.

Then I met Tomi and Diego in Cannes over a glass of Rose in October 2014. This pair of witty, handsome Porteños from Buenos Aires shared with me how they were planning to disrupt the luggage industry. At that time their idea was another hopeful product on Indigogo, but if they could build what they envisioned, they were going to change the suitcase industry forever. I pledged $250 to show my support and waited a year for my app-connected, personalized roll-a-board to come off the production line.

When I received it, I opened it with the same reverence I would have if it were Hermes. The dust bag it arrived in was a nice touch and ideal for storing the bag in the garage between trips. I loved the attention to detail. When I thought it could not get any better than my suitcase that allows me to walk, talk and charge my smartphone simultaneously, they had to go and raise the stakes again. Early this year, the clever team at Bluesmart launched The Black.

Similar to the Bluesmart One, The Black is the latest model bearing the new logo, a further refinement on an already sexy product, as well as improvements on core features including built-in scales, a mobile phone battery charger, GPS tracking capability, and external compartments for laptops that make security checks less frustrating. Appealing to those with an eye for design aesthetics in their accessories, you’ll sport this with pride as the Bluesmart Black is now a featured product sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

The Black Edition demonstrates how passionate Bluesmart’s product team are about continual improvements. This haute new roll-a-board pairs the award-winning features I loved about the Bluesmart One (it’s the only bag that touts true GPS+3G tracking capabilities in the market) with a sleek design created for the savvy jetsetter that appreciates style and ease when traveling. But because looks aren’t everything, the added security of being able to lock the bag in hotels or BnBs that don’t offer an in-room safe to store valuables such as your red patent Chanel party clutch, iPad, or holiday baubles and know it is where you left it will be a feature you’re certain to love.

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