Travelling With Wine: 5 Tips To Know

Wine can be one of the most cherished mementos you carry home from a trip with your partner, friends or family. If a spot is popular for its wine, bringing some back home is mandatory. But, you can’t just carry it home like another commodity. It requires pre-planning to travel with wine. Easier said than done; if not handled with care, your cherished memento can turn into a nightmare.

So, here we bring you top 5 tips to travel with wine. These are some quick tips and tricks to keep your bottle of enthusiasm and star of the journey, safe and sound. Follow these and wish your bottle of wine a happy journey!

  1. Legal check – Before even thinking about throwing a bottle of wine into your suitcase, make sure that you are transporting it safely from a legal point of view. A quick pro tip here – ‘Keep a copy of alcohol transport regulations with you at the airport.’ Employees at the airport are often themselves negligible about the laws and policies. So, if you do not want to end up in any legal hustle or confusion, make sure you are carrying it according to the rules.
  2. Wrap it safe – The most basic tip for travelling with the bottle is to make sure that you eliminate all possibilities of breakage or any other kind of damage. See to it that the bottle is wrapped safely either in a bubble wrap or layers of clothing. Place it in such a way that shifting of clothes doesn’t affect its position much. Keep in mind the possible activities like shifting of bags, so pack the bottles accordingly. Doesn’t matter how hard the glass is, if it hits something, it is possible that it will break.
  3. Wine-shipper box – No debates on this one! No prizes for guessing but a wine shipper is home to your bottle of wine. Whenever you are purchasing a beautiful bottle of your favorite red or white wine, it is always preferable to purchase a wine-shipper box with styrofoam inserts to keep the bottles safe in place. This, by far, is the best way to ship the bottles! Wine bottles can be delicate and prone to damage. This way your bottles will be in place, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking and spilling.
  4. Making it leakage proof – I am sure you want to sip the wine but not from your jacket! So, if you are thinking about packing it with your clothes, first of all, make sure the bottles are sealed properly! Use of wine skin is 10/10 recommended. Using absorbent padding for your bottle is another good idea. An even better one is to use jet bags having absorbent material inside to absorb all the leaked wine. Using a bottle guard or a neoprene bottle protector is another tried and tested method to ship it right.
  5. Direct Shipping – This is your best shot! If you want to be free from all the hassles of careful planned packing, you can directly ship your bottle(s) safe and sound using a professional approach! It is quite obvious that if a place is popular for its wine, then they must be having ways to deliver it to your doorstep! Instead of trying to be an unprofessional expert at shipping the bottle yourself, take professional help and ship it via shipment ways.

Remember these tricks and tips when you plan to carry that bottle of liquid passion with you. These points will especially be useful for you if love collecting wines from different locations or even if you are beginning to explore the world of winery.

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