Top Things To Do In Phuket for Solo Travelers

Phuket is a paradise of finest beaches with palm trees, soft whitey sands and sparkling sea surrounding the Island which has a lot to offer to the tourists accompanied by numerous activities to enjoy your trip. People who love to admire the natural beauty and try out new things/activities should not waste their time to pack bags and get on the plane to visit Phuket and add amazing memories from this island to your travel diaries. Here are five best things to do when in Phuket:

Explore the Delights of Patong Beach:

When selecting a hotel make sure it is not too far away from the beach so that you can enjoy the perks of visiting the Island as the coastline is the main highlight of Phuket. Some of the most famous resorts are located in Patong Beach, which is a source of spending your vacations having the calm vibes during the day and nightlife at the beach is perfect for the party scene. This beach consists of many ongoing activities that offer the visitors a chance to participate in the excitement, such as Stand-up paddle boarding, Snorkelling, kayaking and Scuba diving, etc. You can go out into the water and look back at the beach and the green hilltops and enjoy the serenity of the place. The nightlife at the Patong Beach is full of drinks, dinner, and dancing which is the perfect way to end your day. You must visit the Illuzion show & Discotheque, as it is the most exciting stop to visit at night in Patgon. (Here is a link to help you choose the best kayak.)


If you are looking for something which will make you super relax then getting a body massage is a must thing to do when in Phuket as it is super cheap too! Take yourself to the spa for an hour and have the aroma massage in just 300 baht. Along with the other famous attractions, water sports, and beautiful beaches, etc., Thailand is also the attraction for people around the globe for the world’s super relaxing and stress relieving body massages.

Thai Food:

There are so many restaurants around the world which offers Thai food to their customers, but why miss a chance to try the Thai food cooked by the people of Thailand, I’m pretty sure that this is the only place with authentic Thai cuisine. Pad Thai is suggested as the best dish by many tourists who visited Phuket. Thai food is not much expensive, and they are quite tasty too. The food in restaurants ranges from 90 baht to 150 baht; however, the street food is even cheaper, and the Pancakes in Phuket are delicious.


If you are a fan of architects’ works than you must go to visit the most amazing and beautiful Temples in Thailand along with the statues of Buddhas, Wat Chalong has one of the largest Buddhist Temples Phuket which can be seen from the almost every from the town. In order to visit these temples, you should follow a certain set of rules for the respect of the religion, culture, and rituals of the people of Thailand, don’t wear shoes in Temples, women must cover your shoulders and knees and don’t touch the statues or any other Buddhist relics. Temples are a quiet and peaceful place to spend the afternoon with a relaxing visit.

Night Markets:

The night markets in Phuket are full of fun, light, and excitement. You should go out into the market and bargain to get the famous beautiful stuff for your friends and family. The reason behind suggesting these markets at night is as the day is a bit hot and humid for you to enjoy the attractions in the market. The Phuket Weekend market is one of the biggest markets in Phuket where almost every possible thing is available such as food, clothes, guitars, and perfumes, etc.

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