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The 4 Most Romantic Sunsets Spots In Santorini

Contributed by Mia Fox for JOZU Magazine

Isn’t watching the sun go down together one of the most romantic and beautiful things you could do with your partner? I’m pretty sure; most people have that famous sunset in mind when booking a trip to Santorini. On my most recent trip, I scoured the whole island to find you the best spots to take this moment in with your loved one. And I tell you, it was as breathtaking as they say.


The first night I nearly missed the magical moment as I arrived pretty late that afternoon, but thank god for long summer nights. I made my way up to Imerovigli, just a 5 minutes drive from where I was staying. I later heard, it is a bit of an insider’s tip when it comes to sunsets on the island to make an early booking and go down the hill to one of the cocktail bars.

I ended up only glimpse a few of these beautiful views while walking down the stairs to my chosen Restaurant Mezzo. Arriving late with no booking, I only got a table in the middle of the terrace and probably too late anyway to see the full beauty of a Santorini sunset.

The food was still great amidst the warm summer night. I fell in love with this island on my very first night. Be aware – catching sunsets in Santorini comes a bit with planning and a good strategy.


Day 2 arrived and I was on a mission to catch the sunset in the most photographed spot of Santorini just behind the windmills of Oia. I nearly gave up on my way to this part of the town because it was scorching hot and overcrowded in the small lanes. Oia is everything they say about it – you just want to stop at every corner and snap a picture. Well that’s actually what I did, did I mention that I was already late for the golden hour?

When I finally arrived at the front, I was shocked at the number of people that had the exact same plan as me. I was also jealous of the couple that had a prime view with a bottle of champagne at a table by Sunset Cafe. It turns out not many tourists are willing to splash out on a bottle of Moet so I booked it for the next day. I mean, why else would I pay the annual contribution of three credit cards, if not for some spontaneous spending?

It turned out the service at the Sunsets was excellent, the staff very friendly and the food left me to believe I must finally be in heaven. We even got free shots (I’m talking alcohol, not photography) and the sunset-dessert plate, to finish off a perfect night.


While on my mission to locate the most romantic Santorini sunset, I simply had to try out the capital of the island, Fira. What I liked about Fira was the fact that you have an excellent choice of bars and restaurants all facing the caldera.

You Deserve a Vacation!

Definitely, try out Pelekanos. They do lovely handcrafted cocktails. Alternatively, choose one of the countless rooftop lounges, for a spectacular view. It was another stunning sunset, and I would love to see more of Fira town next time I return to the island. I was so tired after my boat trip that day, I just wanted to go to bed early that evening.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Now if all the pictures thus far have not convinced you, or you are just not a fan of big crowds, let me share the last and most magical one.

Our landlord from the apartment we were staying at had insisted on us having dinner with him that night and I could not say no. After dinner, I got the spontaneous idea to pack some blankets, a chilled bottle of champagne and some glasses, and drive up to the Akrotiri lighthouse. Our driver, Jimmy from the day earlier had raved about this place for sunsets. While the lighthouse is a spot to take stunning pictures during daytime it is even better at the golden hour. So remember, always listen to the locals.

There were a few sunset-seekers by the front of the lighthouse but no one walked up the hill behind. In my opinion, the back was an even better view as you could contrast the lighthouse against the changing colors of the sky.

5 Summer Style Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

We know… you’ve probably figured out that woven bags and seashell anything are this summer’s must-have accessories. And while they help elevate your warm-weather wardrobe, they don’t harbor much on the basis of functionality.

In the meantime, there are a few other trends quietly making their way onto our summer packing lists by managing to be both stylish and practical. These unexpected accessories each help to alleviate the common struggles that go hand-in-hand with long travel days — overheating, losing your sunglasses, etc. — while also keeping you in line with summer trends.

Below, a round-up of summer’s chicest travel accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Glasses Chain

The common practice of losing sunglasses during your travels is precisely why you need to purchase a glass chain! They’re very old-fashion but classy and vintage at the same time. Bonus points: they look with ANY type of sunglasses.

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Raffia Crossbody Bag

A raffia bag is a sustainable, lightweight summer bag that allows you to go hands-free while scouring markets and bazaars during your travels. (Plus, one less personal bag leaves you free for one more shopping bag. Win, win.)

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A Transparent Bag

Finding your boarding pass, passport, phone, or wallet among the gum wrappers and used bus tickets you accumulate during your summer travels has never been easier. One of this season’s most popular trends, the transparent bag, will help you avoid that irrational, “oh crap, I lost my phone,” moment we all have when digging into our cluttered bags.

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A Hand Fan

Daisy Hoppen and Amanda Borberg, the designers of Fern Fans, launched their brand of wooden hand fans to modernize the 18th-century trend. Their fans are playful-yet-practical accessories that’ll keep you feeling cool and elegant in the sweltering summer heat.

Get it here from Fern Fans


Silk scrunchies are the perfect carry-on companion for overnight flights, and for vacations to dry or humid climates. They’re a comfortable (and now, stylish) way to keep your hair shiny, soft, and free from breakage when you’re constantly on the move.

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What’s your favorite item on the list? Comment below!

The Top 5 Safari Lodges in Africa

From the dusty tents of explorers to exquisite eco-conscious lodges – the African safari has come a long way in the past hundred years without losing any of its romance and adventure. Today, many tented camps mirror the grandeur and opulence of days gone by, while others have completely reinvigorated the safari lodge, offering a brand new take on African aesthetics, authenticity, and luxury.

You can also see, do and even taste much more – think top-of-the-range off-road vehicles, hot-air ballooning, glamping (glamorous camping), fly-in safaris and contemporary gourmet dining. The entire experience is enriched by cultural, historical and environmental orientation as well as knowing that as a guest you are integral to a sustainable and holistic conservation model. So – adventure, wildlife, cultural enrichment and world-class hospitality – what’s not to love about a luxurious African safari? Here are our top safari lodge picks.

Jack’s Camp – Kalahari, Botswana

Quite unlike other lodges in Botswana (most of which are located close to the lush Okavango Delta) Jack’s Camp offers the opportunity to explore the unusual landscape and wildlife of the Kalahari Desert. Beautifully ornate Bedouin-style tents make you feel like Arabian royalty and are a fitting gesture to the camp’s semi-desert environment.

You Deserve a Vacation!

Chinzombo –South Luangwa, Zambia

The South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is one of Africa’s hidden secrets, boasting untouched natural beauty, great walking safaris, and crowd-free big game viewing. Set in this unexplored reserve on the banks of the Luangwa River lies the sophisticated and elegant Chinzombo, with just six gorgeous villas, tucked separately into the forest canopy.

Londolozi Private Granite Suites – Kruger, South Africa

Londolozi Private Granite Suites deliver complete luxury and exclusivity in the Sabi Sands, one of Kruger’s finest private concessions. Just three separately suites overlook the granite rocks of Sabi River. These beautiful views are reflected in a contemporary assemblage of stone walls, polished concrete and a bold color scheme of charcoal, silver, and elephant-grey.

Mombo Camp – Okavango Delta, Botswana

Mombo Camp is raised over the floodplains of the Okavango Delta, and from this vantage point wildlife can often be spotted from both the extensive main area or from your own apartment-sized suite. Nine gorgeous guest tents boast an understated luxury and elegance, with fold-away canvas sides along the entire length of each suite.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge – Sossusvlei, Namibia

This intimate camp in the far-flung but breath-taking Namib Desert offers a complete escape from the ordinary world to a place of quietness, space, and luxury. At Sossusvlei Desert Lodge you will be totally pampered and romanced with activities like hot-air ballooning, picnics and stargaze at their sophisticated observatory.

What’s your favorite place on the list? Comment below!

10 Bucket-List Foods Worth Traveling The World For

Food is how the world comes to us, as eaters. And occasionally, it’s the best reason for us travelers to explore the world. Here we’ve assembled their most extravagant, most essential, most sensual reasons to stamp your passport. These aren’t merely great foods — they’re foods that you simply must seek at their source. Meals like this are why even love and pray take a backseat to straight-up getting your eat on!

Aguachido (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

Playa del Carmen is known for its seafood, and while you can get great options everywhere, all the locals go to a restaurant called Aguachiles.

Here you can find Aguachido: shrimp marinated in lemon juice with clamato and fresh vegetables. Unbelievably fresh and while it is only a few dollars it rivals anything I’ve eaten at high-end restaurants.

Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)

One of the dishes that you should travel across the world just to eat is the Nasi Lemak. Somehow, this combination of rice cooked in coconut milk, chili sambal anchovies, half a hard boiled egg, deep fried chicken, sambal squid, peanuts and cucumbers gives us the shivers just thinking about it.

No other meal quite cuts it, like the Nasi Lemak does.

The best way to serve Nasi Lemak is wrapped in or served on a banana leaf, as it lends an aromatic fragrance to the rice. When used to pack the steaming hot coconut milk rice, you just need to unravel the green, conical package and let your nostrils be assaulted by the most heavenly aroma on earth.

Turkish Hamsi (Turkey)

As the hamsi (anchovies) swarm the Black Sea towards the Bosphorus Strait each winter, Turkish fishermen drop their nets. On any winter arrival in Istanbul, the first thing people do is head for Karaköy fish market for the perfect street food, Hamsi Ekmek. The anchovies are deep fried and served with rocket leaves and thinly sliced onion in a fresh, crusty bread.

Truffle Extravaganza Meal (Tuscany, Italy)

Though all of the dishes in Tuscany are pretty much delicious, the one that makes us salivate even now was the perfect gnocchi that melted like clouds on our tongue, topped with a thick shaving of freshly found truffles.

Bao Zi 包子 (China)

These steamed filled buns can be easily found as a breakfast meal on the streets in China. They can be filled with lamb, beef, or vegetables and can be dipped in a sauce made with vinegar and spicy sauce.

White Pizza – Old Forge Pizza (Pennsylvania, USA)

The White pizza is the one. It’s not a regular pizza you know; Old Forge White Pizza is a creamy-cheesy-and-even-heartwarming heaven in the mouth. The white pizza has a double crust, on the bottom and the top, with cheese filling.

Khao Soi (Thailand)

It’s soft and yellow egg noodles bathed in a thick curry broth. Not soup. Broth. It is then topped with deep-fried, crispy egg noodles, and eaten with pickled greens on the side. The broth is coconut milk-based and the curry can either be cooked with chicken, pork, or beef.

Reuben Sandwich (Sherman’s Deli, California, USA)

The Reuben sandwich at Sherman’s Deli in Palm Springs, CA is one of those simple wonders we keep coming back to (literally and figuratively). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think this picture is worth ten amazing mouthfuls.

Khinkali (Republic of Georgia)

Khinkali may look like simple dumplings, but the combination of herbs and spices with the freshly minced meat that creates a delicious broth inside makes them anything but simple.

Each dumpling is stuffed and then twisted over 20 times to get a little knob at the end. To eat, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and pick up by the knob. Take a small bite and then suck out the broth (or else you can get burned!); then you eat everything else but the knob. At the end of the meal, you can count how many khingale you’ve had by the knobs on your plate.

You Deserve a Vacation!

Potato Wedges w/ Sour Cream & Sweet Chill Sauce (Australia)

Served either as an appetizer or side to a meal, potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce is exactly what it sounds like it is, seasoned potato wedges that you dip in a mix of sour cream and sweet chili sauce sounds slightly odd but so delicious!

Salteñas (Bolivia)

This savory baked pastry gives Bolivia the prize for the best style of empanada in Latin America. The dough is thick like a pot pie crust in order to hold the hearty filling.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is a small hot dog stand in the middle of Reykjavík, Iceland that always has a line down the block. These hot dogs are like nothing you’ll find in America; they’re made with native Icelandic lamb and served with an assortment of condiments including fried onions and a mayonnaise-based sauce.

Delicious, right? Comment below what’s your favorite!

France’s Most Underrated Cities to Visit, After You Hit Paris

Paris is great, and if you have the time and means we highly recommend that you go. Paris is not, however, the only great place in France. You know this; you just don’t necessarily know what those other great places are, aside from Marseilles or maybe some beaches along the French Riviera you stumbled across whilst Instagram-stalking famous people through Cannes.

If you’re still on the fence about going all the way to France without seeing Paris, it may help to learn that accommodations in places that are not Paris tend to be around 25% to 40% cheaper than accommodations in places that are Paris.

There are a lot of university towns, a lot of young energy and good nightlife! Check out these underrated cities you definitely need to add to your list next time you head out to France!


Nantes is a lively college town. It is a white-wine capital. It is the birthplace of the Surrealism movement. It is home to a 39-foot-tall walking mechanical elephant, which you can ride around the city from lofty terraces built into its back as it sprays delighted/terrified/befuddled tourists with water from its giant mechanical trunk.

The Grand Elephant was upgraded this year to be a hybrid vehicle, so you may now address it as Eco-friendly Grand Elephant. Is this a luxury for only the very rich, you might ask? A ride aboard the Eco-Friendly Grand Elephant will run you less than $10. The elephant is actually just one component (though certainly the most imposing) of a project that’s filled Nantes with interactive steampunk art.

You might enjoy the 80-foot-tall carousel straight out of the most disturbing parts of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Plan your visit for the summer, when the city fully transforms into essentially one large art exhibit. Don’t worry about missing the best spots; all you have to do is follow the green line already laid out at your feet. As previously mentioned, if you’re jumping from town to town you should consider driving, but for the equivalent of around $10 you can also catch a three-ish-hour train ride to Le Havre.

Le Havre

Americans have a pretty good idea of what they think quintessential European towns look like. If you’d like to be shaken from that kind of assumption, you should go to Le Havre. After bombs eviscerated it during World War II, this Normandy town — not far from the landing beaches of D-Day — was eventually rebuilt almost entirely out of reinforced concrete. It is different.

Don’t get it twisted; this is still French enough for you — Le Havre has a world-class modern art museum containing the country’s second-largest collection of impressionist paintings, for those who still need a little Monet to feel like you’re really doing France. And though initially dismissed as ugly, Le Havre has in recent years begun to work its uniqueness to its advantage, blossoming into a marvel of modern architecture. Look at the museum-worthy design of Les Bains des Docks, a behemoth pool complex modeled after the Roman baths where you can swim indoors, outdoors, under skylights and waterfalls.

You Deserve a Vacation!

La Rochelle

La Rochelle is another port city that doubles as a young, happening university town, but it’s also an unusually good place for just kind of… falling off the map for a bit. La Rochelle has one of the best aquariums you’ll find anywhere, which can be an especially fun draw if you’re packing kids on your trip. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss Tour de la Lanterne, the last surviving medieval lighthouse along the entire Atlantic coast.

Amble through the magnificent old harbor, known as Vieux Port, where you’ll see colorful little fishing boats bobbing placidly in the docks. La Rochelle was the first French city to create a pedestrian-only section in its historic center, so this is really a place to come when you want time to slow down. Spend your mornings at a food market (generally speaking, most food markets around the world are best in the mornings) and then head to the Tourism Information Office and pick up one of their signature yellow bicycles (it costs just a few euro per hour). Ride that bicycle right over a long bridge that takes you to the island Ile-de-Re, where you’ll find the sort of little white houses with blue-green shutters almost reminiscent of Greek islands.

Lots of French nationals vacation here, but word of mouth hasn’t quite made the jump across the Atlantic. Ile-de-Re is an excellent place to camp, both because it’s cheaper (especially in the summertime, when the island gets more crowded) and because, again, this is your time to get back to a slower, calmer, generally chiller way of life. And yet, like La Rochelle, there’s a duality about it where you can be “fancy” if you like here, too. Go right from a morning of bodysurfing to an afternoon of sampling artisanal ice cream in flavors like oyster, caviar, and Thai sorbet.

Top 5 Destinations for a Perfect Summer Getaway, According to Meteorologists

Knowing when to visit a destination can make all the difference, both for having a comfortable vacation and for making sure you don’t miss out on the prime activities and events.

To highlight the destinations that really shine in the summer, we spoke to meteorologists and hurricane and storm specialists from The Weather Channel.

From magnificent meteorological phenomena to ideal summertime temperatures, here are the spots weather experts love heading to in the summer, and why.


“If I’m going to feel the heat, I need to be lying on the beach, and Anguilla is the ultimate spot for rest and relaxation,” meteorologist Alex Wilson told T+L. Temperatures here don’t vary too greatly in the summer and generally stay in the low to mid-80s.

Wilson recommends heading to Rendezvous Bay for clear and tranquil waters, and Shoal Bay for snorkeling. And make sure to have at least one meal that includes a Dark n’ Stormy paired with the local grilled crayfish.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

“Summers are perfectly mild and dry, with afternoon highs often near 80 degrees Fahrenheit,” storm specialist Dr. Greg Postel’s said of the “stunning” village of Mont Tremblant. Enjoy a ride in the panoramic gondola, spend some time on the beach, and take a nighttime walk through an illuminated forest.

“Pretty much any outdoor activity you can think of is readily available,” Postel said.

Cape Town, South Africa

“I’m a big fan of cool mornings followed by mild afternoons, so Cape Town is essentially my ideal climate,” Wilson said of the coastal city.

Head to the South African city in August (winter in the southern hemisphere) when days start in the 50s, rising to around 70 in the afternoon, according to Wilson. It’s perfect weather for visiting the local wineries, going on a safari, and partaking in the food scene.

Lisbon, Portugal

“The views of the ocean mixed with castles and romantic cobblestone streets and a warm, sunny subtropical climate makes it one of my favorite European destinations,” Brackett said.

You Deserve a Vacation!

Summer is when you’ll find musical festivals, and beaches bustling with action. Although the city can get hot in the summer, “when the sea breeze kicks in, it’s sublime,” Brackett said.

Amelia Island, Florida

Postel recommends Amelia Island because of the combination of a historic and quaint town center of Fernandina Beach, the great bed and breakfasts, and the beaches.

Wake up early and you can even catch cumulous clouds, large fluffy-appearing clouds that “paint spectacular dawn skyscapes over the oceanic horizon” in the skies, while kayak tours offer a chance to get up close to dolphins.

Got any more places to add to the list? Comment below!

The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Puerto Rico

Even though Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, the vast majority of it has re-opened for business, and the best way to support your fellow Americans who live there is to visit! This summer is the perfect time to do it because it just so happens Puerto Rico has some of the most stunning beaches to be found anywhere in the world.

Here are five of the best beaches you can visit in Puerto Rico right now!

Flamenco Beach, Culebra

Another great day trip by boat from the main island is Culebra, the crown jewel of which is arguably Flamenco Beach — it’s regularly ranked one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and often in the whole world. The water is warm, there are no rocks — just soft sand and little fish and one extremely large fish named Godzilla who comes to the same spot every day to hang out. Also, sea turtles, if you’re a bit lucky.

Playa Peña Blanca

While you’re in Aguadilla, you’ll also want to see Peña Blanca. Also known as Wishing Well Beach, this site is best visited in early summer. It’s being forever reshaped by the tides, so you could visit year after year and still feel like you’re seeing it for the first time. Bring your snorkeling gear and keep an eye out for sea turtles.

Mosquito Bay, Vieques

There are only five bioluminescent bays on Earth — bays where microorganisms illuminate the water from within as if it contained a million blue/green fireflies. Three of those five bays are in Puerto Rico. One of those three — Mosquito Bay — was long recognized as the best and brightest in the world. After Hurricane Maria struck in September 2017, Mosquito Bay went dark. Now, it’s starting to glow again, and we must celebrate this by going there. Timing is important here — make sure you see it under a new moon when it’s at its best.

You Deserve a Vacation!

La Monserrate

Recently reopened post-Maria, La Monserrate has long been beloved by both locals and tourists for its clear waters and family-friendly vibe. This is one of Puerto Rico’s handful of Blue Flag beaches, meaning it’s studiously kept up to make sure it’s clean, safe, eco-friendly, and, of course, stunning. It lies in the northeastern Luquillo (and also goes by Playa Luquillo) — the small town known as the “sun capital” of the island.

Playa Borinquen

Oh, were the first three on this list not adventurous enough for you? Try this one. Located in the northwest town of Aguadilla, this beach is secluded, comparatively harder to get too, and as a result less crowded. Search the waters for remnants of planes from the former Air Force base nearby.

These beaches are relatively safe, but we recommend using WanderSafe to gather location-based safety tips, real-time safety updates, and where you can share your travel tips with others! Its free to download on Itunes.

What Hotels Are Doing to Make It Fun to Get Healthy on Vacation

A good gym is always a good start. But the most forward-thinking hotels are going beyond the weight room to offer health-focused amenities that pack a serious punch.

Couples Resorts’ Tower Isle (spa villas from $959), in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, takes “all-inclusive” to a new level, providing unlimited spa treatments for two to those who book into one of the eight Oasis Spa Villas. Consult with a dedicated concierge to map out an itinerary of treatments, including massages, facials, and body wraps during your stay.

At the just-opened Rosewood Phuket (doubles from $575; programs $510–$7,690), the hotel brand introduces its new holistic health experience, Asaya, which encourages guests to cultivate self-acceptance and self-discovery. Participants determine their goals in a private meeting with a wellness guide before embarking on a program of alternative therapies, group workouts, and bespoke spa treatments.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (doubles from $195; treatments $29–$259) takes a different approach to pampering, employing clinicians trained to administer in-room Reviv nutrient infusions and injections. Exhausted travelers might choose vitamin B12 to combat jet lag with a burst of natural energy, while athletes can bolster their training sessions with CoQ10+, which aids in muscle recovery.

Some hotels now integrate wellness right into their rooms: when guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills (doubles from $695) enter one of the seven new spa-adjacent accommodations, they hear a recorded meditation led by Deepak Chopra. High-tech touches include Mood Box devices, which mimic the changing intensity of natural daylight to help align travelers’ circadian rhythms, and advanced air purifiers to catch allergens and microbes.

Top Deals - Save on Amazing Getaways on Expedia!

Six Senses has continually pursued forward-thinking health initiatives. Last year, the Six Senses Douro Valley (doubles from $700), in Portugal, debuted a physician-designed clean-eating program that will soon be in all Six Senses resorts. The focus: boosting immunity and improving digestion by reducing sodium, sugar, and foods that can be inflammatory. Full integrative health screenings and personalized sleep and fitness guidance complement the culinary offerings.

At the just-opened Six Senses Fiji (doubles from $884), guests peruse the spa’s Alchemy Bar to create their own scrubs and oils using ingredients from the on-site garden, including lemongrass and kaffir lime.

Down in the Caribbean, Bucuti & Tara’s have replaced happy hours with “healthy hours” featuring nutrient-dense smoothies and mocktails, as well as complimentary fitness classes.

Many hotels have also sought ways to differentiate their fitness programs. JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts found forward-thinking partners to help them do so. The company recently rolled out on-demand in-room fitness videos, which include barre routines led by members of the Joffrey Ballet, and brought in wellness consultant Nora Tobin to host retreats at several JW Marriott properties throughout the year.

6 Life-changing Trips for Couples

Whether domestic or international, a trip with your significant other almost always guarantees to share unusual experiences and learning something new about each other, like that your girlfriend gets a rush from cliff diving, or your boyfriend can make friends with anyone despite only being able to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in the local language.

When deciding where to venture with your significant other, you’ll want to consider which components of a romantic getaway matter most to you, from beautiful sites and adventurous activities to intimate settings and stunning views.

These 6 places should be on your radar for a mix of those elements.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is definitely having a moment on Instagram these days: our feeds are packed with newlyweds enjoying picture-perfect honeymoons. It makes sense, though: Santorini is a cloud-like oasis that envelops travelers in an ethereal fantasy. The romance of the island pretty much sells itself; wandering the hilly, weathered streets, you’re surrounded by bright white walls and blues roofs, and in the evenings you have front-row seats to incredible sunsets. Once the sun is down, the city lights up and the houses, churches, and restaurants glow like stars.

Oxford, England

Only two hours from London, Oxford offers a quaint escape into Medieval British architecture and cozy neighborhood pubs. Everywhere you look makes an ideal backdrop for a postcard or inspiration for a dollhouse blueprint, with cloak-clad students and professors whizzing by to get to an event at the University of Oxford.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

At the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, these 74 islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia, will have you sailing into uncharted relationship territory with unbelievable sites to discover together. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most famous white-sanded beaches on the islands and despite being a tourist hotspot, it stretches for over 4 miles, making it easy to find your own space.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a versatile haven with something to offer every type of couple. If your version of romance is hiking through lush greenery, monkey forests, and rolling rice paddies, you’re in luck. If you think romance is dancing to DJ sets and light shows until the wee hours of the morning, Bali is also known for its nightclub scene. Want to feel spiritually enlightened? Bali has countless temples and shrines to visit. And if you’re all about beaches, the island’s bevy of beaches range from white-sanded shores on the south coast to the more unexpected black sand you’ll see on the northern and western coasts.

Paris, France

Most clichés became clichés for a reason, and so is the case with Paris’ romantic reputation. Looking at pictures of couples in the City of Light, you can practically see the cartoon hearts in their eyes as they embrace in front of the Eiffel Tower. Paris and romance go together like Valentine’s Day and pastries, anniversary dinners and candlelit bistros, marriage proposals and world-famous landmarks… all of which Paris is not-so-coincidentally known for having.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Argentina’s bustling capital, you and your significant other will never run out of activities to try. Every weekend, hundreds of plays and productions are put on throughout the city, or you can go out for a sophisticated night at the internationally-acclaimed opera house, Teatro Colón. The multitude of restaurants and bars provide a lot of options for a pre-performance dinner, making the perfect dinner-and-a-show date night easily attainable.

Got another place to add to the list? Leave it in a comment below!

Southwest Airlines Is Having A Big Sale On Flights For The Fall!

If the early summer heat already has you holed up inside, fanning yourself in front of the air conditioner, maybe you’d prefer to take that summer vacation in the fall. Southwest Airlines can help. The airline is running a four-day sale with one-way flights for as little as $45.

The below example shows a trip between Long Beach and Las Vegas where you can grab $45 flights in each direction. The round-trip fare comes to just $89.96. Cities with flights in the sale include Atlanta (as low as $59), Chicago ($59), Denver ($79), Los Angeles ($59), Minneapolis ($94), Nashville ($59), New York ($88), Phoenix ($59), San Francisco ($59), Washington DC ($59), and dozens of other locations.

To take advantage of the sale, book your flight before midnight EST on June 29 for travel between August 13, 2018, and December 19, 2018. International trips are limited to flights taken between September 5, 2018, and December 5, 2018.

Southwest sales are often more alluring than budget airline sales that come up with a more impressive sticker price but nickel-and-dime you for every service along the way. Southwest’s fares include two checked bags and your carry-on, so you’re not paying an extra $100+ in baggage fees.

Dig around the sale and you might find an unexpectedly beautiful journey to take in the fall, like a scenic drive or an incredible national park.

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