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Hottest Memorial Day Weekend Destinations in the U.S

The first day of summer is technically June 21, but Memorial Day weekend heralds the unofficial beginning of the season. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, the weekend signals to winter-weary Americans across the country that they can finally — finally! — put away their winter coat, dust off the barbecue, and replace last year’s expired sunscreen. After cold weather snaps across the West Coast, and four nor’easters that forced East Coasters to Google the terms “bomb cyclone” and “bombogenesis,” the summer months can’t come fast enough.

You don’t have to go far from home to make the most of the holiday weekend. If you’ve left your planning to the last minute, there’s no reason to worry. From national parks to beachfront boardwalks, here’s where to have a great weekend!

Bainbridge Island, Washington

For Seattleites set on avoiding Memorial Day weekend traffic, the 30-minute ferry ride to Bainbridge Island offers a perfect solution. For everyone else, there’s a bit more travel involved to get there, but the panoramic views of the Olympics Mountains, Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound are worth it. Rent a bike to cruise around the island, and when you want some next-level relaxation, head to Bloedel Reserve. The park has some 150 acres to wander through.

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for good food, craft beer and wine, and you’ll find all three on Bainbridge. For breakfast, try the Streamliner Diner. For afternoon drinks, you’ll have to choose between the offerings of a local brewery, distillery, and seven wineries.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City sits on the Colorado River, relatively convenient driving distance from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and southern California. Start your day with brunch at The Red Onion (and some of their popular Bloody Marys, depending on what you’ve planned next). Adventurous travelers can try archery, rock climbing or wakeboarding. In the evening, the sunset cruise offers a more passive way to take in the scenery and learn about the history of the area.

Havasu can get crowded, so to escape the hubbub, visit Cattail Cove State Park. There’s boat ramp and a beach, meaning plenty of opportunities to get out on the water, plus 61 campsites.

Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear gets about 300 sunny days every year, so chances are good that a trip to the small town will kick-start the summer in style. Big Bear sits at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains and is known for attracting snow bunnies, but the warmer months have plenty of outdoor activities to offer as well. To get your daily steps in while enjoying sweeping views over the lake, head up Pine Knot Trail.

In town, try to Maui crab cakes at popular Peppercorn Grille, then catch the Miss Liberty Paddlewheel Tour Boat for a 90-minute tour around the lake. You’ll take in the scenery and get a lesson in the history of the town, dating back to 1845.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown sits at the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. As the site of the Mayflower’s landing in 1620, and home to the Wampanoag Nation for long before that, the oceanfront town’s history is enough of a reason to visit. Today the town is known for being home to artists, and for having one of the largest LGBT communities in the country.

For a history lesson and some striking views of the grass billowing on sand against a backdrop of pines, take a tour of the dunes. After, get your obligatory lobster roll at The Canteen, and then, to make the most of the long weekend, treat yourself to a massage at Namaste Spa.

Ocean City, New Jersey

At a few hours drive from New York City and even closer to Philadelphia, Ocean City is an easy weekend escape from the big city grind. Though it doesn’t start to get truly hot until summer, average highs in the mid-sixties in May are warm enough to enjoy the nearly eight miles of beachfront.

For brunch, try OC Surf Cafe. They’re known for serving the classics along with healthier, Mexican-inspired options. Ocean City is family friendly: there are activities on the boardwalk, miniature golf, and watersports including kayaking and paddleboarding. For a weekend getaway with the grown-ups, try the popular Day Sipper tour. You’ll pile into a Volkswagen bus and spend your day being chauffeured to vineyards, breweries or distilleries.

Got any more destinations to add to the list? Comment below!

10 Trips to Take in Your 20’s

While there’s no perfect age to get up and go, there is something special about hitting the road and experiencing some of the world’s most incredible adventures in your twenties. Go while you’re young, single and without too much responsibility.

There are so many epic parties, festivals, and experiences around the world, so take advantage of your freedom and get out there!

Here are our top 10 destinations to travel in your 20’s!

1. Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most populated travel circuits in the world- especially with people in their 20’s. Take a month or two to go tubing in Laos, hit the beaches in Thailand, visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia and go on a junk boat cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

2. Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

Carnival is the Godfather to Mardi Gras. While they are both the same celebration, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro takes it to a whole different level.

Carnival in Rio is often considered one of the biggest parties in the world and is the benchmark in which every other Carnival around the world is compared.


3. Oktoberfest – Munich

Who doesn’t like a good German beer? Oktoberfest is a great way to end the summer festival season by squeezing into one of the fourteen massive and beautifully decorated tents, each representing one of Germany’s finest beers.

Before you know it, you’ll be standing on top of a picnic table “Prost-ing” with your new buddies from all over the world. Don’t be surprised when you’re singing “Hey Baby” (I wanna know if you’ll be my girl) for weeks to come!

4. Burning Man

Experience a week unlike anything else in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert at Burning Man. Thousands of people come together every year to create “Black Rock City”- a community that is based completely on art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

5. Motorbike Road – Vietnam

Start in Saigon, take a boat ride and explore the Mekong Delta, then hop on a motorbike and explore the highlands of Vietnam.

Stay overnight with the locals in their villages as you make your way up (or down) the beautiful country. You can choose to make this adventure solo or there are several motorbike tours that can guide you and allow you to enjoy the ride from the back of the bike. Make this trip as short or as long as you choose- just be sure to make it!


See Also: Our Favorite Items To Pack For a Tropical Vacation


6. Full Moon Party, Thailand

This party follows the lunar calendar so, every time there is a full moon, rest assured there is a Full Moon Party somewhere in Thailand. The most famous location is the beach at Koh Phangan.

The nights leading up to the full moon are often the most fun. Every night, be ready to paint your body with glow paint, sip vodka and Red Bull out of buckets and dance with fire under the stars until the sun comes up.

7. Las Vegas

Ah, Sin City. Las Vegas is the city where you can find anything and everything and it has a little something for everyone. Sip on fancy cocktails at one of the pools or head out for some shopping during the day.

In the evenings, dine with some of the finest restaurants the country has to offer and experience a nightlife that is unparalleled to anything else. And, of course, practice your best poker face at one of the many casinos.

8. Tomorrowland – Belgium

Hop on over to Belgium to experience the largest electronic music festival in the world. Top DJ’s and thousands of people from all over the world gather here for 3-days of some of the best audio and visual stimulation you’ll receive all year.

While the festival is in the city of Boom, be sure to spend a few extra days exploring Belgium by train.

9. Solo Travel

The thought of venturing out into the world on a solo trip can be daunting, but learning how to make decisions alone and get yourself from place to place is a tool you will value for the rest of your life.

And, the fact is, you’re never really alone.

It isn’t always possible to find friends or relatives who are able to travel with you and this certainly shouldn’t stop you from going where you want and exploring the parts of the world that you’ve dreamt of.

Give yourself the gift of independence, an opportunity to experience new cultures and the time to learn about yourself and what’s best for you.

10. Mardi Gras – New Orleans

Head down to New Orleans to celebrate Fat Tuesday and the days leading up to Mardi Gras. Take in the full experience and order a Sazerac (known as the World’s first-ever cocktail); stroll down busy Bourbon Street to experience visual entertainment like you’ve probably never seen before, and be sure to catch some of the parades (and maybe some beads)!

Got any more destinations to add to the list? Comment below!

Our Favorite Items To Pack For a Tropical Vacation

It’s time for some fun in the sun! We’ve been to tropical destinations all over the world, and have found that packing for all those trips was quite similar. You’ll want a mix of bright pieces, breathable fabrics, neutral basics, and of course, lots of bikinis!

Depending on the type of tropical trip you’re planning, you’re likely to spend most of your time out in the sun or in the water. You don’t need much, so pack items you can mix and match with swimwear.

Summer is coming closer so get ready and start packing!


Sun Hat — It gets hot if you’re in a tropical destination and you WILL need a hat. We love big brimmed hats for days by the pool and beach — protect your beautiful face from the rays!

Sunscreen — We swear by natural sunscreens for our sunny vacations! You’ll want one that provides great protection and is made from natural ingredients.

Dry Bags — Dry bags are a lifesaver on any vacation involving bikinis. Use them as a sand proof bag for storing your phone on the beach, or pack your wet bikini inside to avoid soaking your other clothes. They’re water resistant so they keep water out or in depending on what you need!

Sunglasses — No explanation needed! But, pack a few pairs!

Tote Bag — Travel bags that double as handbags, beach bags and backpacks are our go to. You can easily go from a day around town to a day of exploring without worrying about your bag.


Crop Top + Shorts — Sets are super cute and comfortable outfits for hanging around a resort or while out exploring.


Fun Pants — A pair of fabric pants or culottes are perfect for pairing with a matching top or bikini top, whether you’re sailing or lounging by the pool. Get yourself a pair of stylish, loose-fitting pants for a tropical destination.

Romper — They’re chic, comfortable and take up less space in your suitcase.


Sun Dresses — Pack a few sundresses for an easy and classy style during the day or night.

Midi Dress — Don’t forget something a little dressier in case you decide to go out for a nice dinner or a night out.

Maxi Skirt —  Layer with a crop top or bikini top for an easy, put together outfit.

High Waisted Bikinis — They’re perfect for active days when you want a bit more coverage or more “loungey” days when you want to feel and look your best by the pool.

Water Shoes — If you’re planning on having some adventures on your trip, you’ll probably end up wishing you bought a pair of water shoes.

Sandals — Duh! They are THE top item of tropical vacations! Beaches are not made for high heels!

Got any more favorite items to add to the list? Comment below!

A Round Up Of The Best Places to Eat in Miami

Miami is home to a lot of good restaurants, and that number only seems to be growing. Whether you grew up there or just make the annual trip for Art Basel, it can be hard to keep track of the new places to check out and the classics that are worth another visit. For that, we’ve put together our recommendations for where to eat around Miami. We’ve included everything from a tasting menu in Wynwood, to some low-key South Beach spots, to a ridiculous riff on the Jewish deli in Surfside. While this is our first Miami guide, it’s definitely not our last, so stay tuned for a lot more!

Zak The Baker Deli

At this point, you’ve heard of Zak the Baker. Their rainbow-colored kosher bakery and deli in Wynwood have drawn praise from just about from everyone and for good reason – their baked goods are really f*cking good. Besides their greatest hits like the babka and sourdough, the sandwiches are equally delicious, especially the corned beef breakfast sandwich that comes topped with a veggie omelette and Russian dressing. This deli gets absolutely mobbed, especially on Sundays since they’re closed Saturdays. But if you just want to grab some bread and pastries and avoid the lines, check out the original bakery location just down the street instead.


Upland is originally a New York restaurant, and the Miami location is almost a carbon copy, down to the jars of lemons on the walls and green leather booths. And considering Upland is one of our top-ranked NYC restaurants, this is a good thing. Their California-meets-Italian menu includes great pasta, pizza, and wine, but the dishes from the wood-fired grill are what make this place special and are great for sharing with a small group. Get the whole roasted branzino for two and the lamb chops or short ribs. If you need some balance, the pistachio pizza is a strong choice. The surrounding South Pointe neighborhood is best-known for stone crab, chain steakhouses, and clubs, so this is a nice addition.

Baby Jane

Baby Jane is a loud, neon-lit Brickell bar. But unlike other loud, neon-lit Brickell bars, they serve great Japanese-inspired drinking food, like ramen and fried chicken. If you opt for the ramen, which you should, go with the kagoshima, which comes with about 10 toppings. It can be hard to get a comfortable spot to eat here when it’s packed, so try to come around regular dinner hours rather than for midnight ramen.


Naoe isn’t a typical Wednesday night kind of place, unless you’re a Bond villain or maybe an heiress. They provide a totally unique omakase experience that will never be the same twice with each of the 10 courses customized to meet your preferences. The dining room only fits 10 guests per seating and is run by just two people (the chef and the manager) whose attention to detail borders on the obsessive. A meal here lasts upwards of two and a half hours and costs at least $250 so make sure you go with someone you have a lot to talk about with, like a friend you haven’t seen recently or a mole at MI6.

Madruga Bakery

Sometimes you don’t want to battle the tourists and eager Instagrammers that flood Zak the Baker. When that’s the case, Madruga Bakery in Coral Gables is a great alternative. Sure, there will be plenty of UM students around and they aren’t open on Sundays, but Madruga is still the best bakery option in the area, hands down. They serve excellent breakfast sandwiches and Counter Culture coffee, along with a wide range of cakes, pies, and savory pastries baked on-site.


Every day more good restaurants open in Miami, but very few places are pushing the city’s dining scene the way that Alter is with their inventive tasting menus. This Wynwood spot serves five, seven, and eight-course options with rabbit udon as likely to appear on the menu as parmesan ice cream or duck breast grilled over pine cones. Between everyone taking photos of their food, the dim neon lighting, and the one wall that you can’t decide if it’s actually unfinished or just designed to look that way, there’s no hiding that this place is really going for it. Luckily though, the food’s really good and you’ll be thinking about the meal for days afterward.

5 Huge Influencers In The Female Adventure Travel World

Each day seems to bring with it a new travel influencer we’d not come across before – one that is producing content at a caliber which manages to completely captivate. These girls have made their Instagram feed an art form, and the creativity they conjure has us continually wanting to add new destinations to our bucket list.

From the mountains to the sea, the city to the wild – we take a look at some of the inspirational female travel influencers whose talent has seen them firmly find a place on our watch list for 2018!

Janni D

A lifestyle blogger from Sweden living in Monaco, 26-year-old Janni Delér first began her blog to document her travel-laden life so she could go and look back on everything she’d been up to. And now she’s joined by a million other people wanting to do the same.

You can find her on Instagram as @jannid 

Gypsea Lust

With Do You Travel’s Jack Morris by her side, Australian-born Bali-based influencer –Gypsea Lust’s  Lauren Bullen has amassed an impressive number of followers all wanting to come along for the ride on this couple’s epic adventures.

You can find her on Instagram as @gypsea_lust

Hello Emilie

A University of NSW graduate who now resides in Queensland (when she’s not on the road), Hello Emilie’s Emilie Ristevski is one of Australia’s most successful female travel influencers alongside Gypsea Lust.

You can find her on Instagram as @helloemilie

Pilot Madeleine

From Munich, Germany, Pilot Madeleine’s Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach has taken followers on her journeys with her since she first glided into the digital world in October 2015.

You can find her on Instagram as @pilotmadeleine

Jade Seba

Describing herself as a blogger, globe trotter and actress Jesus girl, when we’re not coveting this Rio de Janeiro-based influencer’s wardrobe – we’re pouring over the latest destinations she’s visited.

You can find her on Instagram as @jadeseba

The Top 10 Travel Items Every It Girl Should Own

No matter what kind of trip you are going, and whether it is you’re going for a weekend, a week, a month or a year… there are some items a girl is just allowed to bring with her, wherever it is you’re going and whenever you are going!

We decided to name 10 items an IT girl shouldn’t forget to bring with her when going away, so after reading this article you won’t get the chance to ever, ever forget any of these items anymore!

Multi-Purpose shoes

You know, sometimes bringing five pairs of shoes with you “just in case” on one short trip, is a bit too much when you can limit yourself to two. Bring one pair of waterproof, durable sneakers and another pair of shoes comfortable enough to use on long walks! These can also work when going out to catch a theater performance. One of our picks is the Cole Haan’s Pinch Weekenders. These are available in both men’s and women’s varieties. The patent leather version works for any occasion and will help you trudge over cobblestones in Cuba or hit the dance floor in Marrakech.

Various Wipes

Being on your own, you want to avoid getting sick at all costs, so it’s ok going crazy with wipes to ensure minimal contact with germs. Before every trip, we advise you to head to Target’s travel section and stock up on every form of wipes: Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes for your hands, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go for your plane and train seats and the hotel room, and Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths to, well, to keep you feeling fresh and clean in all those public restrooms.

Foldable Down Jacket

Another dual-purpose essential? A packable warm jacket like Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket ($59.90 to $69.90) which is so compact it can lay flat like an almost paper-thin layer in your suitcase. Or roll it into its pouch and it suddenly doubles as a travel pillow. There’s a men’s version, as well. 


Whether to keep warm, dress up an outfit, cover your head, or use as an extra blanket, a large scarf can serve any number of purposes. They can be used them to pad a fragile souvenir, and you can even metamorphose one into a draped outfit. The large size of Uniqlo’s stoles ($19.90), which are a 55.1-inch square, make them especially versatile.

Hard-shell Rolling Carry-on Suitcase

Even though soft suitcases are perfect to squeeze in extra items, they have the risk of getting soaked up with rain or be easily broken on the airport. Hard-sell suitcases are much for better for solo traveler and super practical! The Samsonite Ziplite 3.0 20-inch Hardside Spinner Carry-On Luggage is our fave! Its expandable zipper allows for extra space, and even when you feel like you’ve overstuffed, you can rezip the extra zipper completely, magically creating bonus room.

Money Belt

We know is not the most attractive idea to wear a money belt but, it’s very handy if you’re solo traveling! The Lewis N. Clark Hidden Waist Stash Wallet ($13.99) is so light-weight that you can easily forget it’s even on. With multiple pockets, you can organize passport and other currencies without having to give them a second thought. The protection layer against cyber fraud offers bonus security.

Foldable Reusable Bag

Lovebag’s Stash It series (from $22) is so light and tiny that you won’t believe how much it can hold. But the best part is that the strap is long enough that you can wear it as a cross-body bag. Bonus: The pouch is so stretchy and durable that you can use it to hide extra money, so your cash isn’t all in one spot.

Customized First Aid Kit

Only you know what you might need the most, so run through your itinerary and the worst-case scenarios. Get Dramamine, Imodium, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Neosporin, large patch bandages, eye allergy drops, and contacts rewetting drops in it!

Power Bank

This is going to save you while traveling. Whether it’s during a flight with no plugs or during a long day away from your wall chargers, a power bank is ALWAYS a good idea. The great thing about this is not only does it charge your iPhone and iPad… but you can also change your GoPro camera (if you have one). The power bank linked below is 20000mAh meaning it should have about 7 full charges in it for your iPhone. Make sure this thing is fully charged before you head out and you won’t have to worry about a low battery!

Face Masks and Ear Plugs

Do not underestimate how much these come in handy. Not only for your flight but also if you’re staying in a hotel and want to get a nice sleep. These are also very handy if you’re taking long trips on a train! Definitely, a must-have item on your bags!

The 10 Best Travel Adapters to Buy In 2018

Keeping gadgets charged up has become a necessity while traveling, especially if you’re a digital nomad or a boss lady. If you’re staying close to home, there are some adapters and chargers that prove to be very useful, but if you’re going abroad, you should know that voltage and outlets work a little differently. In many cases, travelers will need an adapter to fit the plug into a differently shaped outlet, as well as a voltage converter so you don’t fry your electronics. The voltage required depends on the device (usually clearly printed on the item) and country, so depending on where you’re traveling to (and what you’re plugging in) you may want a single adapter, several or a universal adapter with many types built in.

Here are 10 of our favorite travel adapters! And we highly recommend every single one of them.

BESTEK Travel Adapter

Widely regarded as one of the best products in the space, the Bestek Travel Adapter is a superb combination product that offers the best of two important worlds. As an all-in-one solution, the Bestek not only offers three separate international travel adapters covering more than 150 countries but it doubles as a 220v to 110v converter for reducing load and avoiding overheating of your most precious travel items.

Liansing Travel Adapter

When it comes to must-have products while traveling internationally, few items are more important than a travel converter. Supporting worldwide charging in more than 150 countries, the Liansing Travel Adapter is designed to work with five different types of input plugs all in one single adapter. The dual charging ports are capable of working with nearly any USB device, including Android and iOS devices, as well as tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS and more.

Amir Travel Power Strip

While many adapters are designed like an oversized plug, Amir makes a power strip that works in most countries. The power strip is designed to input 100 to 250 volts and has four AC outlets and four USB charging ports, plus three specific adapters for the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union. Weighing almost a 1.5 pounds, the strip is larger than some of the other adapters but is ideal for cruise ship cabins or any other room that has a limited number of outlets. Amazon users stated that because the adapter can plug into U.S. outlets, they also used it after returning from their travels. The adapter does not convert voltage.

Hyted 2000 Watts

Traveling outside the U.S. with high-powered devices is always a bit tricky as you need to convert the voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts. Fortunately, there are options like the Hyted 2000 Watts Travel Adapter and Converter that does the trick for you, making travel in more than 120 countries that much easier. This all-in-one option offers the comfort of knowing you can use higher-powered devices such as a hair dryer without risking a blowout or blown fuse.

Monoprice Compact Cube

If you just need an affordable – yet functional – wall adapter, the Monoprice Compact Cube Universal Travel Adapter is a great budget option. The small black cube can fit in your pocket and has four different blade options that can hide away when not in use. Simply push the corresponding button forward for the type of outlet you need and the blades will appear and lock in place. The adapter has blades from the US, UK, EU, Australia, and China. The handy device can handle 830 watts of power (at 110 VAC) or 1750 watts (at 230 VAC) and is rated for eight amps. Be aware that it does not convert power: it is simply an adapter.

Syncwire USB Charger Plug

If your devices are all equipped with a USB port, then the Syncwire USB Charger Plug is a great choice. While other international adapters include U.S. outlets built into the device for electronics to plug in, instead, the Syncwire has four USB ports to connect and charge phones, iPads and more. The charge plug inputs 100 and 240 volts and will automatically adjust, so no converter is needed for devices within that voltage, plus, it is compact enough to easily fit into small carry-on bags. The plug has three, removable United States, United Kingdom, and European Union adapters (that work for numerous countries). The device comes with a lifetime warranty.

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BESTEK Advantage Adapter

Cell phone battery life rapidly declines on a road trip with the GPS on, occasional photo stops and music playing. Recharge several devices on-the-go with the BESTEK Advantage adapter, which converts DC power from a cigarette lighter to AC power (note that it does not convert voltage). The adapter comes with three AC outlets and four USB charging ports ideal for powering seven devices simultaneously, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or other small electronic devices. Some Amazon users noted that the device is noisy, but works like a charm. Weighing just 9.6 ounces, the inverter can easily fit into travel bags and has a green and red light to easily tell when it’s on or off.

OREI 7 Travel Adapter

The OREI set of seven international travel adapters are compatible in over 150 countries and come in a fitted zip-up case that’s small enough to tuck into a backpack or carry-on. To easily find the right outlet, the set is labeled with both the outlet type (B, E/F etc.) and the country it is commonly used in, so travelers can just take the one they need from the set. Each adapter comes with two-outlet plugs, so it is possible to charge two devices at once, and because the adapters are grounded, you can plug in a three-pronged power cord. It is important to note that this is just an adapter set and does not convert voltage. Be sure to check on each device before plugging in.

Epicka Universal USB Travel Power Adapter

Whether it’s a short trip across the pond or a worldwide adventure, having a universal adapter along for the ride is an absolute must. The Epicka Universal USB Travel Power Adapter offers support for more than 160 countries, including the U.S., Europe, and Australia. It has a universal design that allows a multitude of plug options. The inclusion of four USB ports on its front allows for simultaneous charging of five devices at a single time. The first set of USB ports charges at 2.4A, making it ideal for tablets, cameras, and phones for faster charging, while the remaining two ports charge at 2.1A, making them better suited for phones only. As with a number of universal adapters, the Epicka is designed with 110v devices in mind, which means it’s not recommended for higher-powered appliances such as hair dryers or flat irons.

Travel Smart All-In-One Adapter with USB Port

or an adapter that performs well can charge more than one device at a time and is available at a reasonable price, the Travel Smart All-In-One Adapter with USB Port is a must-have travel accessory. The all-in-one adapter has three outlets and one USB ports, so you can charge up to four devices at one time – making it great for families or those traveling in groups. The device comes with built-in surge protection so it can safely charge iPads, cell phones, tablets and other electronics. The charge works in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Caribbean, Europe, Great Britain, Middle East, as well as North and South America.

How to Use a Female Urinal (Like a Boss)

Female urinals can be useful for women who are traveling very often and want to avoid coming in contact with public washrooms or are often outdoors and do not have easy access to a bathroom. Before you use a female urinal, you should identify the type of urinal that is best for your body and your needs, and choose a urinal that is lightweight and easy to clean.

When selecting a Female Urinal, make sure it’s from a really good brand (we highly recommend GoGirl) and that it fits your needs. For example, female urinals for people with a mobility disability are different from the regular ones, so you need to know how to spot the difference between them.

Female Urinals for people with a mobility disability are usually hand-held devices which are useful if you would like the freedom to dispose of the urine without assistance and reuse the device easily, while the regular ones are more cup-sized, allowing the person to pee standing up.

Now that you know pretty much the basics about Female Urinals let’s get started with our guide about how to use them (like a boss!)

1) Choose a position that is comfortable for your body.

There are three ways you can use the urinal: sitting, standing, or lying down. Your ideal position will depend on any injuries you may have in certain areas of your body and your comfort level when going to the bathroom.

  • If you cannot be on your feet when urinating, you may choose to sit in a chair when using the urinal, with your pelvis tilted slightly forward and your legs apart.
  • If you have pain in your knees or hips, you may choose to use the urinal while standing so you do not need to squat or put unnecessary weight on your knees or hips.
  • If you have lower back pain or injuries on your back, you may use the urinal on one side while lying down.

2) Place the urinal between your legs.

Once you find a urinating position that is comfortable for you, you can place the urinal between your legs. Make sure the cup or tube is positioned right under your urethra.

  • If you are using a body support device, you may need assistance from a helper to place the urinal under your thighs when you are in bed. Ensure the cup or dish is positioned right under your urethra.
  • If you are using a device that has a drainage bag, attach a bag to the urinal. This will allow the urine to collect in the drainage bag for easy disposal.

3) Tilt your pelvis forward slightly, aiming into the urinal.

Tilting your pelvis will allow you to urinate more effectively into the urinal. Make sure you use the cup or tube attached to the urinal when using it to ensure all or most of your urine ends up in the urinal.

4) Empty and clean the urinal after use.

Once you are done using the urinal, you will need to empty the urinal. If you are using a handheld device, simply empty the urinal into the toilet or a bedpan. You can then wash the urinal with warm water and soap, hanging it to dry so it ready for use.

  • If you are using a body-supporting device, have the helper remove the urinal and empty it for you. The helper should then wash it, so it is ready for use.
  • If you are using a urinal with a drainage bag, you can dispose of the drainage bag once it is full or wash it and reuse it.

Got any more tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

Get to Know This Three Next-Level Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Not every Cinco de Mayo celebration is going to be as festive as this sombrero-donned doggie, though, at a few hotels, there’s potential for this year’s celebration to come close. We’ve gathered three events that caught our eye, starting with a $500,000 tequila tasting in Mexico (which comes equipped other truly over-the-top perks, of course). Read on and start planning!

Jalisco, Mexico: Enjoy the World’s Most Expensive Tasting Flight

When they say “world’s most expensive,” they’re not kidding. For a hefty retail price of $500,000, you and 10 of your friends will be flown via private gulf stream jet to Jalisco, Mexico for three days and two nights at the Las Alamandas hosted by Tequila Avion founder Ken Austin. The trip perks boast luxury transportation, a 24/7 private butler, your own security detail, and a social media documentarian to do all of that social sharing so you don’t have to.

Las Vegas: Do the Tequila Dance with Pee Wee Herman

This might just be the perfect way to celebrate in the land of expert impersonators. Never fear—you’ll have plenty of time to gain a bit of liquid courage before joining (a fake) Pee Wee in a two-step worthy of the holiday. Join Mr. Herman at Hussong’s Cantina in the Mandalay Shops between the Mandalay Bay and Luxor resorts on the Vegas strip as he walks guests through his infamous “Tequila Dance.”

New York: Win Piñata Prizes and Drink Tequila at the W New York – Downtown

Go for the prizes, stay for the “tropical DJ.” (Because any party boasting a tropical DJ is a party worth checking out.) Aside from a soundtrack from a world-traveled producer, party-goers can look forward to house-made chips and guacamole and a particularly intriguing drink special. Anyone who treats themselves to the $14 W signature cocktail of the night—the Desert Heart—will receive a mini piñata. Most are filled with candy, but a couple of lucky grand prize winners will find free stays at the W Bogota and W Mexico City hiding inside.

6 Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Exchanging Money Overseas

Exchanging money to the currency of your destination can be a source of concern if you’re not sure how to do it; this is as necessary as your passport, however, don’t rush to change your money when you arrive at your destination!

Exchange Houses at the airport, natives who seek to take advantage of tourists, ATMs that arise for your salvation: there are many things to take into consideration before changing your money to foreign currency.

With this in mind, here are six tips you need to know before exchanging money overseas:

Exchange before you go

Some travel agencies offer the possibility of exchanging your money for cash from the destination where you are going. If this is beyond your means, change when you arrive at the airport.

However, do not change too much, since this will only be used to pay things like the taxi to your hotel and your food. After that, you’ll have to look for an ATM where you can get more cash out of the local currency.

Know the coinage

Familiarizing yourself with the local currency is something that you have to invest some time in changing your money.

You need confidence in the currency you are using in public as this reduces your chances of being the target of thieves seeking to take advantage of those tourists who are not familiar with the local currency.

Take a few minutes to know the coinage and avoid someone trying to scam you.

Find the best exchange Rate

Some airport businesses have excessive and inconvenient exchange rates, so be careful where you change your first bills and research which of those businesses have the best exchange rate.

On the other hand, after arriving at your hotel, it’s best to look for banks with better exchange rates or ATMs where you can withdraw money with your debit card.

Use the ATMs wisely

Using ATMs is the wisest decision among all the options you’ll have to change your money, even above any bank. Remember that you have to tell your bank that you are going to travel.

ATMs can charge several types of fees: by conversion, by foreign transaction or by cash in advance (in case of using a credit card), among others that could charge you. These taxes depend on which bank and which card you have.

Minimize cash exchange

Exchanging money means that you will lose a little bit of your budget on taxes that can range from 5% to 15%.

That’s why we recommend that during your stay you only do it a couple of times: when you arrive at your destination, to pay for the taxi and food of the first day; and when you feel ready to change the amount needed for the rest of the trip.

Of course, emergencies may happen; however, it’s best that you avoid changing your money all the time.

Stay calm and collected

Count your money, take into account all the possibilities and, above all, don’t stress. Planning will make exchanging money not a pain for you.

Stay alert

As we mentioned, many locals try to take advantage of tourists to offer them illogical exchange rates.

In many cases they will offer to take you to a kiosk with the best currency exchange rate of all, however, don’t trust in this type of proposal and resort to ATMs or banks.

Got any more tips to add to the list? Comment below!

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