Meet Today’s Featured Travel Instagrammer: Mella!

We found Mella’s profile when she tagged us in one of her beautiful pictures and us immediately scrolled through her feed where we found about all of her adventures and saw very impressive pictures, which shortly lead us to give her a HUGE shoutout here on JOZU!

Mella enjoys sightseeing, prefers mountains over beaches and her favorite travel destinations are Greece, Australia, and the United States! But her heart is definitely settled in Israel as it is her favorite country.

Mella’s favorite thing about Jozu?

That traveling just gets better and safer for every woman on earth with Jozu!”

Let’s give her some love! You can follow Mella and get in touch with her through Instagram.

Hello! My name is Fabiana and I’m Jozu’s Head of Content. I love writing & reading, films and acting!

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