Everything You Need to Know About The Sri Lankan Roti

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When Carla Kieffer is lucky enough to explore new places, one of her priorities as a foodie is to check out the local cuisines. She has heard wonderful things about Sri Lankan food, and on her recent trip there, she was not disappointed. From the spicy sambal to the fresh seafood and curries, Sri Lanka was an absolute adventure for the taste buds. One of their staple food is called roti. It is used in many dishes, and you see people enjoying it everywhere, from street food carts to five-star restaurants. It is an essential element of many meals. The roti is an uneven flat-bread that is often eaten for breakfast or for dinner. Carla has the pleasure of watching her new friend Sithmu preparing gothamba roti, while enjoying the surf in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

Check out the video below and read the full story on the 3rd issue of Jozu Magazine.

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