7 Magical Places To Visit In Stockholm

Stockholm is one of those European capitals that combine contemporary design with ancient architecture, without leaving aside the fresh and natural touch of its green areas.

The capital of Sweden has attractions that are familiar with these three aspects and some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Full of places to walk and heavy-breathe, Stockholm has magical places that will make you want to travel there immediately!

These are our top seven:


Tantolunden is a beautiful park with 100 parcels full of colors, small wooden houses and a lot of flower mazes full of life. As a bonus to these natural beauties, the park has a mini-golf field, two outdoor gyms and many benches to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful view.

Djurgården Island

This island is also known for being the greenest of all Stockholm, ideal for picnics and walks. However, for those who like to visit cultural centers, this also has two of the most popular museums in Sweden: The Vassa and the Abba.

Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum is the first one and has a ship with the same name, which represents the only ship of the seventeenth century that has survived in its entirety. Definitely, a historical piece for all of Europe!

Abba Museum

The second one is the Abba Museum, named in honor of the Swedish musical group, well-known since the mid-seventies. The museum it’s packed to the gills with memorabilia and interactivity – every square inch has something new to look at, be it a glittering guitar, a vintage photo of Benny, Björn, Frida or Agnetha, a classic music video, an outlandish costume or a tour van from the band members’ early days.


The center of the city of Stockholm is a glimpse to ancient architecture, with different shades of yellow and orange on the walls that makes its houses full of history. Ideal for walking among its streets, in this area you can find shops of all kinds, collectors and vinyl sales for the most retro fans.

Gamla Stan

Get carried away by the architecture of this island and don’t be afraid to walk its picturesque streets. The oldest streets of Stockholm are here, and their atmosphere will fill you with European nostalgia. Gamla is ideal for tourists!

Långholmen Island

Outside the streets of other areas of Stockholm, this small island is ideal for those looking to bathe in a beautiful beach surrounded by flat rocks and benches. The visitors of this island, which in the past was used as a prison, like to make picnics and watch the sunset in it.

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