5 Life Changing Things That Can Happen When You Travel Solo

So, let’s say you open yourself up to the world, and suddenly the world and so many of its amazing people, open themselves up to you. That’s the solo travel experience you have to aim and here I´ll show you 5 things that only happen while you travel solo

You become more tolerant

The more of the world you see, the more you realize that it’s not as black and white as you previously thought. Not all countries use toilet paper. Not all people hug, kiss or shake hands when they meet strangers. Religion, language, hand gestures and etiquette can all be confusing and frustrating at first, but learning from others make you better people and will teach you to love, cherish and welcome everyone you meet from now on, regardless of however different they may be from yourselves.

You get to meet that guy or girl

Whether it’s a romantic kiss on a beach, an impromptu travel buddy to entertain you for weeks or someone who you fall head over heels for while safariing, holiday romances are serious fun. When you travel solo, you push your boundaries a lot more than usual. You meet new and interesting people who you would probably never met at home. It doesn’t always happen, and it certainly doesn’t always last, but your chances of meeting some amazing members of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your preference) are a whole lot higher when you travel solo.

You become fearless

Packing up a bag, hugging your friends and family goodbye and setting off on a solo trip may sound like the scariest thing to do on your own. You are saying farewell to a comfortable lifestyle, great friendships and a sense of belonging. But one thing can be concluded from all the experiences you´ll cross while traveling alone; solo travel will turn you into one seriously fearless human, something that will most certainly help you as you go through life.

You can learn to plan your own budget

When you have a precise amount of time to survive on whatever budget you have accumulated, you´ll quickly become a master of budgeting. You’ll learn the shortcuts of being on your own. You´ll face decisions such as whether you buy yourself a nice dinner or a giant bottle of wine. No one else would be around, so be prepared, plan your route and try to stick to it to some degree.

You can learn to enjoy little things

While traveling solo can be challenging and it can be hard to just laugh off the little things such as a missed bus or a stolen wallet, the opposite is also true. You would often find yourself smiling to things that you probably would not take the time to appreciate if surrounded by others. You definitely learn to take notice of the smallest things in life and learn to really appreciate how beautiful this world really is. Sitting on a beach, watching on a sunset, Sipping wine in a boulevard. Those are memories that will remain attached to your mind while you are tolerant, in love, fearless, thankful and happy.

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